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I am sharing all of my Sephora Sale picks for women over 40, with dry, mature, and sensitive skin. I also share my favorite hair products that have helped me get some growth back after hormonal hair loss. Happy Shopping!


BRONZI DROPS | I adore these bronzing drops. They are so versatile and so easy to use. You can add them to your foundation or moisturizer or use them as a bronzer. I love them. They are great for color-adjusting your winter foundation and mixing it into your body lotion for a summer glow.

CREAM HIGHLIGHTER | I have quickly grown to love this product and use it every single day. It gives your skin that ” lit-from-within glow” we all crave, especially those over 40 with mature skin. Pricey, but stunning and refillable.

GEL LINER | The BEST eyeliner for creating a natural thicker lash line that doesn’t budge all day long! My favorite colors are chocolate shimmer and black.

MERIT BLUSH | Love this blush. My favorite color for the warm weather is Stockholm, but they are all pretty and super easy to use. Love a cream blush for dry & mature skin.

SETTING SPRAY | I get so many compliments on my skin, and I swear this is the reason. After my makeup is done, I apply a very generous amount and let it dry, and I am good to go all day. it makes my skin look glowing and flawless and amazing!

LIP PLUMP | If I had to pick ONE lip product right now, this would be it. It is so pretty and hydrating, and I just love it. My favorite colors are Cherry Blossom and Mixed Berries, but they are all pretty.

CREAM SHADOW STICK | This is my go-to everyday eye shadow look. So easy to use, has no fallout, and stays put all day. Just rub on the eyelid and blend! Done!

MOISTURIZING PRIMER | I swear by this stuff before makeup application and I can tell the difference if I forget to use this. So good for dry & mature skin and the perfect way to prep your skin.

MASCARA | I adore this mascara but refuse to pay full price for it. I always stock up when it is on sale. It makes my lashes look full and fluffy and like I have double the amount of lashes. Doesn’t smear or flake on me.

SETTING POWDER | I have used this for years, and it is hands down the best setting powder. If you don’t like it, you are not using it correctly. It sets and blurs everything beautifully to last all day long.


LANCOME FOUNDATION | This is my current favorite foundation. it is glowy, lightweight, and lasts for up to 16 hours! Easy to work with, and a little bit goes a long way!

IT COSMETICS GLOWY CC CREAM | My go-to everyday foundation. It evens out redness and protects my skin with SPF 50. It is a medium to full coverage that is buildable and looks beautiful.

NARS GLOWY FOUNDATION | A buildable, full-coverage foundation with up to 16 hours of lightweight, natural, fade-resistant wear. full coverage with a natural finish. It is beautiful,

MERIT COMPLEXION STICK | My favorite for travel and easy makeup days. This is a concealer and foundation in one that truly looks like skin. It is the ONLY foundation I have found that makes my skin look like skin and evens out my rosacea. This serum is KEY for getting a lovely and flawless application. Apply it a few minutes before the foundation.

GIORGIO ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK | I always recommend this foundation for special occasions and events. It gives a beautiful, flawless finish that looks airbrushed. Just gorgeous!

ILIA SERUM FOUNDATION | This is a great skincare/foundation hybrid with SPF 50. This is typically not enough coverage for me, but I love using this on no-makeup days or when I go to walk my dog and want a little something.

IT COSMETICS NUDE GLOW | Another amazing option if you want a light to medium coverage. It evens out skin beautifully and makes it look amazing. My current go-to for daily foundation during the warmer months.


ORIGINS EYE CREAM | One of my favorite daytime eye creams. It contains caffeine and instantly brightens and de-puffs. It is amazing prep for under makeup. You can’t go wrong with this one.

BELIF EYE CREAM | This stuff is fabulous if you have dry under eyes. It is so hydrating but not heavy at all. It leaves your eyes hydrated and ready for makeup without leaving a greasy residue. It contains peptides and ceramides and is a great choice for day and night.

BRIGHT & TIGHT EYE CREAM | This stuff is like a hybrid of the 2 eye creams I mentioned above. I love this cream to freshen up the under-eye area throughout the day without applying more concealer. A tiny bit warmed up between fingers and dabbed under the eye area is a small miracle.

RETINOL EYE CREAM | This is my holy grail eye cream for the evening. I have yet to find one I like better and have been using it for years. It is hydrating, contains retinol, and fights lines and wrinkles like nothing else! I also love that you can purchase a refill!

NARS RADIANT CREAM CONCEALER | This is a great choice for most people. Lightweight and illuminating, it is great for dark circles, and the creamy consistency is great for mature skin.

BOBBI BROWN CONCEALER STICK | This is a great choice for travel. it conceals dark circles and blemishes equally well and can be used as a foundation in a pinch. This is in my purse and my travel bag at all times for quick touchups.

HOURGLASS CONCEALER | This is a fabulous concealer. A little bit goes a long way, and it has a lovely consistency that is super easy to work with. Once it is set, it doesn’t crease, so it is ideal for mature skin, as you don’t need any additional powder to set it!

TULA EYE SERUM STICK | I always take this on trips, especially airplane rides, and I apply it as needed to keep my under-eye area hydrated. It has a slight cooling and tingling sensation – just enough to wake up tired eyes. Great prep for concealer as well.

DARK CIRCLE CORRECTOR | If you suffer from really dark circles, this is a great corrector to apply before the concealer. A little bit goes a long way and it really helps to brighten and erase severely dark circles.

BLURRING EYE POWDER | A great powder to set concealer, it really blurs, smoothes, and perfects the area while setting your concealer without looking cakey! This brush is amazing for concealer as well as this powder.


SELF-TANNING DROPS | These are fantastic. just mix a few drops with your moisturizer and you will have a nice glow within a few days.

GOOD GENES | This is a FANTASTIC lactic acid exfoliant for sensitive skin, and you will love the results. My skin was glowing, plumper, and firmer after a fairly short time. One of my favorite beauty discoveries of last year.

EXFOLIATING PADS | Another great exfoliation option. These are so gentle and give my skin the best glow. They make different levels for different skin types, and the body ones are fantastic as well.

EXFOLIATING MASK | If you need your skin to look great fast, this is the mask I recommend. It firms your skin, gives it a fabulous glow instantly, and gets rid of dead skin, making your makeup look absolutely fab!

RETINOL TREATMENT | I get asked all the time for retinol recommendations for sensitive skin. This is it! It does not irritate my skin at all. It dispenses the exact micro dose each time, and you can slowly increase to 2 pumps. Love this!

GLOPRO | I have been slacking on doing this at home since I have been getting professional microneedling treatments, but this little gadget is great. It takes time to see the payoff but stick with it, and you will be rewarded. it is truly the biggest bang for your buck!

CLARINS DOUBLE SERUM | An absolute favorite for dry skin, this is fabulous during those brutal winter months or dry climates. My skin drinks it up and looks amazing when I use it consistently.

PRIMING MOISTURIZER | An amazing moisturizer and primer in one. Great for dry and mature skin. I swear my makeup doesn’t look as good when I don’t apply this first.

CLARINS CRYO MASK | This is one of the only things I am purchasing from this sale. I am dying to try it. It has gotten rave reviews all the way around! I will repost back!

THE RICH CREAM | I cried when I finished this bottle. It is truly one of the best creams I have ever used, but it is expensive. Wah! I would, however, spend my own money on this if I didn’t have 10 moisturizers waiting in the wings. It’s THAT good.

RED LIGHT MASK | I own this and the Omnilux one, and I like them both. With consistent use, I will truly see a difference in my skin. It is calmer, firmer, and smoother. it is fabulous for rosacea, and my boys use it for their acne as well.


HAIR VITAMINS | These are awful to get down, but they 100% worked for me. It obviously takes a while to see results, but you should notice less shedding around 3 months and fuller hair around the 6-month mark. My hair stylist said last time that my hair was definitely fuller!

HAIR SERUM | I have been using this serum diligently, and I also feel like it has helped with new hair growth. My hairline is definitely denser, and I look like I have more hair. I always have more baby hair growing.

HAIR OIL | I use this oil every day. It is a great hydrator for my ends and a heat protector when I style my hair with a curling iron. It is a holy grail hair item, for sure.

HAIR MASK | I want my hair to look healthy and shiny, but a lot of masks can leave my hair looking greasy and weighed down. This one hits all the check marks and leaves my hair looking full and shiny and smelling divine. They also make one for thicker hair.

COLOR WOW | Another holy grail item for me. My hair is smooth, shiny, and frizz-free when I use this, and it makes the biggest difference. It is like a Brazilian Blowout and lasts for days.

BOND STRENGHTENER | This helps with breakage and is so easy to use. Just apply one pump to damp hair, leave for 10 minutes, and style as usual. It truly helps make hair stronger with less breakage, and a small bottle lasts a long time.

HAIR SPRAY | This hair spray smells divine, has a medium flexible hold, and adds shine to your hair. It is the only hair spray I use and I stock up every time during the sale. This can will last me until the next sale.

BLONDE SHAMPOO | We have well water so I am always struggling with my hair looking brassy. This is a miracle worker. It tones done my brassiness but leaves my hair soft and shiny, not dry and crunchy! The conditioner is great as well.

CLARIFYING SHAMPOO | I try to wash my hair as little as possible since we have well water. This shampoo makes my hair so clean and gets rid of build-up. My hair loves this stuff, and it is like a fresh start every time I use it. It doesn’t strip my color at all.

DRY SHAMPOO | This is my go-to dry shampoo. I buy this in bulk and get nervous when I run low. It gets rid of grease and sweat and makes your hair look freshly washed. I use it daily and only wash my hair about 1×2 times weekly.

I hope you enjoyed my Sephora sale picks for women over 40. Find some amazing new finds. Happy Shopping! If you need more shopping inspo, shop my picks from last year here.


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