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MY NO FAIL EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE | I am sharing my everyday makeup routine and the products I use in today's blog post

I always get so many questions about this, so today I am sharing my everyday makeup routine with you. This process & the products may vary slightly from day to day depending on what is on the agenda and what my makeup mood is that day, but generally, this is the routine I stick to for the most part. It is so fast and easy. Anyone can do this and it generally takes me under 3 minutes from start to finish. It makes me feel pretty, polished, and put together.

If you want more information on my favorite makeup products of 2022, you can read this blog post here. I share a lot of new makeup, hair and skincare discoveries.


MY NO FAIL EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE | I am sharing my everyday makeup routine and the products I use in today's blog post

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IT COSMETICS CC CREAM ILLUMINATING | My holy grail foundation. It covers my rosacea, evens everything else out, and gives me sun protection all in one product! What is not to love? I use the shade LIGHT.

IT COSMETICS BRUSH | One of my favorite brushes, I use it daily for my foundation and concealer. Quite often, it is the only brush I use to do my whole makeup. It buffs and blends everything beautifully. Definitely worth every penny.

TARTE MINI SHADOW PALETTE | I find most of the bigger shadow palettes overwhelming. This is perfect for everyday and great for travel. It has everything you need to create easy day looks and a sassy nighttime look as well.

GEL LINER | The best way to apply eyeliner in my opinion. This stuff does not flake or budge once it is applied and it is the prettiest dark brown with gold shimmer in it. Stunning. It was sold out for a long time, causing a mild panic among us, but it is BACK, baby and all is good!

FLAT EYELINER BRUSH | I use the press and wiggle motion to aplly the gel liner to the base of my eyelashes and the effect is 🙌🏻 🙌🏻🙌🏻. It doesn’t look like eyeliner and makes your lashes look fuller and thicker. Try it, it is magic!

BROW GEL | Since having my eyebrows microbladed last year, this is the only thing I need to keep my brows looking groomed. It is the perfect shade of taupe for my light blond eyebrows.

PINK BLUSH | I love a swipe of pink blush on the apples of my cheeks to look alive. This is one of my go-to’s. It is foolproof, looks good on absolutely everyone, and lasts forever. Just smile at yourself in the mirror and brush this on for looking alive instantly. My favorite color is LOVE GLOW.

HOURGLASS CONCEALER | My most asked question is what my favorite concealer is. This is the one! No concealer looks good without skin prep, including this one, but this one is easy to work with and stays put. Perfect for mature skin.

CREAM BRONZER | I alternate between cream and powder bronzer, depending on my mood, but this has always been a favorite for its ease of use and realstics warmth it gives my skin. In general, I always choose a bronzer that is more on the taupey side and contains no shimmer or sparkle for the most natural and realistic look.

SETTING POWDER | My holy grail of setting powders. If you have tried this and don’t like it, I can almost guarantee you, that you used it incorrectly. This needs to be used very sparingly, especially if you have dry and mature skin. I always use what is left over in the lid and then shake off the extra on the brush, so it almost looks like there is no powder on the brush. I then apply it to the center of the face only. It will set your makeup all day. One jar will last you forever.

BUXOM GLOSS | I will be a buxom girl forever. This is th emost hydrating, plumping gloss on the market. There is truly nothig like it. I wear the shade SOPHIA in the fall/winter and the shade PINK LADY in the warmer months. This is one of the few glosses I use over and over again. IT IS SO GOOD!

TUBING MASCARA | There are a few mascaras I like to alternate bewteen but I absolutely adore this tubing mascara. It makes my lashes look insane and does not smudge or run oncle applied. It is amazing!

CREAM SHADOW STICK | I use this on days where I am super rushed. I just rub this on my eyelid, blend, apply mascara and I am done. This particular shade really illuminated the lid and gives it a nice, subtle pop of brightness. It really makes you look awake.

SETTING SPRAY | The proverbail cherry on the top, this magical spray sets everything and makes your makeup last all day. My preferecne is the glowy version of this. it is especially wonderful for dry and mature sskin and makes it look amazing! Make sure you use this generoiusly. More is more!

I hope that sharing my no fail makeup routine helps you look and feel fabulous!


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  1. Thank you. I will try these products. I use ZO skincare but have pretty much stopped using makeup except tinted sunscreen & lip stick.

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