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Happy 2023! I hope your year is off to a good start. I try many, many beauty products over the span of a year and there are always a few that stand out! Without a doubt, these are my most loved beauty products of 2022. I don’t really physically go beauty shopping anymore. Most of my products are online purchases because I am a creature of habit and I know what works for me. Also, I receive a lot of products for free, which is unquestionably a huge perk of this job.  Lastly, I also come across some products through advertisements and other influencers.  I usually stick to the tried & true products I have discovered over the years, but there are a few products every year that stand out and make the cut.  If I spend my own money on a product to purchase it again, it makes the cut as a favorite. 




MERIT THE MINIMALIST | I was excited to try this, but also very skeptical. It promises the look of natural, flawless skin. Who doesn’t want that? I had never found a product that actually delivered on this promise until now. This product really impressed me. The coverage is amazing, but it looks just like skin. It is a concealer and foundation in one, which also makes this great for trave

BOBBI BROWN SHADOW STICK | My favorite color is Golden Pink, a soft champagne peach color. It is very flattering and really opens up the eyes. A simply apply color to the eyelid straight from the tube and blend it with my fingers. Done! I also ordered a mini size to put in my travel makeup bag.

NUDESTIX TRAVEL SET | Can you spot a trend here? I have been loving makeup in stick form this past year. So user-friendly and great for traveling, I am a huge fan. I purchased this set during the Ulta 21 days of Beauty and it very quickly became a new favorite product. You can do your entire face with this set. The colors are so flattering and they come in their own, travel-friendly container you can simply toss into your bag.

BYREDO SUNDAZED | I am not a huge fragrance person and I am super picky. Most of my fragrance choices are a bit unusual and off the beaten path. I tested this out on a trip to NY and loved it instantly. It smells like summer in the best possible way and it fades quickly leaving the softest scent on your skin. I get compliments every time I wear it. It was a splurge, but absolutely worth it. For the wintertime, I have my eye on their Gypsy Water which smells super clean and crisp.

DONNA KAREN DEODORANT | Funny story, I was using this deodorant over 20 years ago when working at Nordstrom. It is exorbitant for a deodorant, but it truly works so well and leaves the loveliest coziest scent. Recently, it has made a bit of a resurgence on TikTok and so many people are raving about it again now. It makes me giggle to think that I was using it such a long time ago. I re-purchased it and I am hooked again. So lovely.

T3 AIREBRUSH DUO | This replaced my Revlon blow dry brush as it was totally frying my hair. I am obsessed with this one and use it almost exclusively now. I love the interchangeable brushes. It has several heat settings and speeds so it is very customizable to your hair needs. When I travel, this is the only thing I take with me.

LIVING PROOF ADVANCED CLEAN DRY SHAMPOO | I loved their old version, but this is even better. I use this daily when I don’t wash my hair and it makes my hair look freshly washed with less build-up. I spray it on my roots, let it sit as long as possible, and then brush it out. Completely OBSESSED with this stuff.

DR. LORETTA INTENSE REPLENISHING SERUM | The instant this stuff touched my skin, I was a fan. It is so soothing, comforting, and hydrating on your skin. So gentle, it is recommended as a post-procedure treatment, after lasers, or micro-needling. It has been the perfect addition to my winter skincare routine and is quite reasonably priced. A winner in my book!

TARTE PLUMPING GLOSS | I will forever be a Buxom girl, but these are a close second. I love their color range and they are so moisturizing and leave a nice tingling sensation. I love that they are more pigmented than the buxom glosses, you they give a more polished and finished look. My favorite color is Cherry Blossom, a cool pale pink.

ELF COSMETICS HOLY HYDRATION CLEANSING BALM | This product is truly remarkable and I prefer it over several high-end versions. It has just a light fragrance and really melts away all of my makeup to leave my skin feeling clean and soft. It is the perfect cleanser for dry skin and my absolute favorite part is the low price point! So good!

AMAZON SLEEP MASK | I need total darkness when sleeping. This is like having blackout curtains for your face and it is so lightweight that it doesn’t bother me at all. Bonus, it also covers your ears so it does slightly drown out loud noises as well.

There were many new favorites this year. So much so, that I needed to make a whole other collage because I couldn’t fit them all into one. Here is the second part of the beauty products I loved most in 2022.


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MERIT HIGHLIGHTER | This is less of a highlighter and more of a skin perfector. It leaves the illusion of glass-like skin with zero shimmer and sparkle. It is so subtle and extremely user-friendly, you can’t really mess it up! I have the color Cava, but they all look beautiful! I apply this to the top of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and a little on my cupid’s bow to make my lips look fuller.

RMS HYDRA POWDER BLUSH | Perfect for spring, this blush is so pretty on the skin. It creates a luminous finish and really melts into the skin, rather than sitting on top of it. I have the color French Rosé and love it. A big bonus is that this compact is refillable, so you save the environment and a little bit of money too!

TULA BRIGHTENING EYE BALM | I have both versions of this stick, but I prefer the blue one. The pink one can leave a whitish cast under the eye if you use too much. This is my favorite little pick-me-up for under my eyes during the day and I always have it with me on airplane rides to refresh my eyes while flying. It gives a slight tingling sensation that really wakes you up. It is a great addition to your pre-makeup routine but does not replace your eye cream.

DIOR NAIL GLOW | Sheer, pretty nails are my absolute favorite, low-maintenance go-to. It looks neat and clean and is always appropriate. I use this on top of my Lakur nail perfector as a last step before applying a top coat, to achieve the perfect, glazed donut manicure. This was a huge Tiktok trend last year that I could actually get behind!

LP TRIPLE BOND COMPLEX | This has replaced my Olaplex 3 and K18. It is so simple to use and makes the BIGGEST difference in my hair. One pump on towel-dried hair, concentrating on the ends, let sit 4 minutes and you are done. You can then apply your other styling products. It works best in combination with heat to activate the product so it is perfect for people like me, who heat style their hair. I am still on my first bottle since starting this in August. A little goes a long way. I will never be without it.

AVENE TOLERANCE MASK | If you have dry and sensitive skin, this mask is magical. It has only 7 ingredients and has really helped with my rosacea flareups and keeping my skin happy in general. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and my skin drinks it up. You can also use a thin layer at night as an overnight mask.


LAURA GELLER FOUNDATION | You all loved this stuff as much as I did last year. It is truly so easy to use and adjusts to your skin tone to give the perfect finish. I will say this range runs dark, so I suggest going a shade lighter than normal. Start in the center of your face and blend outwards. So easy for travel. I love using this with my Glowscreen underneath for the perfect finish and sun protection.

BELIF MOISTURIZING EYE BOMB | This is called the hydration bomb for good reason. If you apply this generously under the eyes and give it a few minutes, it will make the biggest difference in your concealer application. I am always amazed at how much my skin soaks this up. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue at all, making it perfect for makeup prep.

ULTA MATTE EYE PRIMER | You all know my love for the MAC paint pot in Painterly, but I think I actually prefer this one now 😳. A little dot is enough for both eyelids and I find the consistency more user-friendly than the mac version. It eliminates redness on the lid and makes shadow go on smoother and last way longer. it is a must-have basic in my makeup bag.

NARS LIP GLOW IN ORGASM | The prettiest sheer pop of color for your lips during the warm summer months. It is the perfect mix of pink and peach and is so flattering on almost every skin tone. I get compliments every time I wear this and people ask me what color it is. Perfect for Spring!

LIFELINE NECK FIRMING COMPLEX | In the interest of transparency, I want to be clear that I had never heard of this brand until they approached me to try some of their products and then leave an honest review about the results. It was a paid partnership and I honestly didn’t expect the results to be as dramatic as they were. I took a before shot, used the neck serum fairly consistently, and took an after photo 4 weeks later. I was SHOCKED at the results. The proof is in the pudding and this stuff works! You have to use it consistently, but you will see results if you do!

L’OREAL PARADISE LASH PRIMER | Last but not least, this primer will give you dramatic results in the lash department. I will say that regular use of this lash serum has also made a huge difference, but this primer will amplify your results.


Here are a few more products I really enjoyed using this year:

ARMANI FOUNDATION – This is a stunning foundation and it truly deserves the thousands of 5-star reviews. It is just gorgeous! However, for me, it is a special occasion foundation and I still prefer my ItCosmetics Illuminating CC cream for every day, because it contains sunscreen. This makes the price point a bit difficult to justify for me, but the foundation is 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻.

PHYSICIANS FORMULA BLUSH | This is the perfect blush/bronzer hybrid and gives my skin the most perfect glow. I absolutely love it and it is so affordable. My only qualm is that it is a bit difficult to find. I usually order 2 at a time at Ulta, so I don’t run out.

L’OREAL 8 SECOND WONDER WATER | Truly a miracle, this product makes the biggest difference in my hair. it becomes soft, shiny, and maneagle when I use it. But, I don’t like the delivery system and the watery consistency makes me feel like I waste a ton of product. The affordable price point makes it justifiable, I guess. But, if you have a trick to applying it without waste, please let me know.

NYX JUICE GLOSS | This is such a great dupe for the Clarins Lip Oil and I love the flavors. My favorites are Watermelon Sugar, Strawberry Flex, and Pomegranate Clout. The price point is also super affordable. Sadly, a couple of my tubes have been leaking, making them super messy to deal with. Again, something I am willing to deal with at that price point.

There you have it! The Beauty Products I loved the most in 2022. You can read all about my favorites of 2021 here. I hope you found some new things to try ❤️.

I did ask you guys what products you loved most that you discovered through me last year, and I will be sharing a post about that very soon.


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