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THE MOST FLATTERING BATHING SUITS FOR MOMS | I am sharing some flattering, mom friendly bathing suits with you today. Read post for details.

As I am sitting here, on one of the coldest days of the year, we will be chatting about……. BATHING SUITS today. Believe it or not, now is the time to shop for them, while the selection is plentiful and you can choose one that flatters you in a color or pattern you love, and not what is left over on a picked through sales rack. I am leaving for Arizona next week, so I did all of the hard work for you and culled some of the best and most flattering bathing suits around right now. I have found that as I get older, it pays to spend more on a quality suit, as it sucks in all of your lumps and bumps and is the most flattering. Believe me, when I tell you, I am super picky and these suits are all very flattering and offer enough coverage in all the right places, without looking too matronly or old lady-ish.  Because I don’t know about you, but personally, even though I am a mom of 2 teenage boys, I still want to look &  feel cute in a swimsuit. I am also sharing some of my best tips for making the process fun, instead of cringe-worthy.


THE MOST FLATTERING BATHING SUITS FOR MOMS | I am sharing some flattering, mom friendly bathing suits with you today. Read post for details.


Order many of them, in different styles, colors, and sizes. (I am a different size in a top and bottom and just figured that out this year.) Many companies now offer free shipping and returns in the swimwear department and all I can say is “Hallelujah”. I encourage you to fully take advantage of this perk and try them in the comfort of your own home. Trying on a bathing suit in a store is never fun. Those lights are just the worst am I right?! Don’t even get me started on those mirrors…😉

Apply self-tanner the day before you plan to have your try-on session. This is one of my favorite tricks. This time of the year is the worst to try on swimwear, but if you want a cute and flattering suit, it is a necessary evil. Having a golden glow makes this process way more fun, trust me. ( Here are some of my best tips for applying self-tanner. The Mitt is crucial for an even application. I learned that lesson the hard way. ) Your suits will look 1000X better, I promise.


Take your time.  Really set aside a chunk of time to go through this process. Maybe 2 hours, depending on how many suits you ordered. Don’t try them on in a hurry. With each suit, move around, sit down, do a happy dance, and do some stretches.  This will help you determine how it wears. We want to make sure our girls stay tucked in and we are covered in all of the right places.  If you have young kids and are active with them in the pool and at the beach, this is really crucial.

Light some candles and dim the lights. There is something so flattering about candlelight.  It gives you this creamy complexion and ethereal glow. Heck, what better time to take advantage of that, than when trying on bathing suits? Light those candles, baby!

Have fun with it. Turn your try-on session into a mini fashion show. Blast your favorite tunes, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get going.  I personally like to do this when I have a couple of hours to myself and can really enjoy some peace and quiet. Oh, I also crank the heat, so it feels like a tropical island, but don’t tell my husband that part. This definitely beats going out into the freezing cold to try on swimsuits in a hideous fitting room, don’t you think.

Now that we have our process down, here are some of my favorite and most flattering swimsuits I have found.


THE MOST FLATTERING BATHING SUITS FOR MOMS | I am sharing some flattering, mom friendly bathing suits with you today. Read post for details.

From top to bottom, left to right

Sorrento One Shoulder Swimsuit by Boden. This is the most STUNNING suit I have ever owned and I knew I needed to have it the second I saw it. It was sold out forever and I stalked the website daily to see if it was back in stock. I heard angels singing this morning and all of my dreams came true. I can not say enough about the quality of this suit. It also comes in a solid black and a solid red color, if the floral isn’t your thing.

Plunge V Neck One-Piece by J.Crew. This is an oldie but a goodie. I got this bathing suit a couple of years ago and love its ultra-flattering style. It comes in the most beautiful and vibrant fuchsia this year and I ordered it during the swim sale. I order up one size from my regular size to provide ample coverage for my girls, but if you have a smaller chest, your regular size should work just fine.

Ruffle One Piece by J.Crew. I have also owned this for a few years and love it. It has the most flattering backside, with a low, plunging back and the ruffles carry all the way around. It is a great resort look, tied around the waist with a sarong. This suit can take you from pool to cocktails in a jiffy, simply by adding a bottom and some strappy slides. I own it in white and I love it!

Ruffle Plunge One Piece by J.Crew. They bring a different version of this suit back every year and for good reason. It has a plunging neckline that is a bit sexy, but still appropriate. I took this suit with me to Mexico in December and remembered how much I loved it. Sadly, They no longer make the striped version, but it comes in a few very pretty solid colors this season.

Ruched Bandeau One Piece by J.Crew. If you only buy one bathing suit this season, make it this one. The ruching is so flattering and hides a multitude of sins. It is just so elegant and flattering you simply can’t go wrong with this one. It comes in many colors, as well as patterns, so you will be sure to find one you love. Personally, I own the solid navy one and the animal print one. Both are super cute.

The Sidestroke by Summersalt is worth every penny.  It comes in a broad range of colors and sizes, as well as a solid color option. It offers ample butt coverage, moves with you, and also has a bit of compression to smooth out those lumps and bumps. Further, it is made from recycled materials and has SPF50. A total winner in my book.


There you have it! All of my best tips and choices for bathing suit shopping. Follow along on my Instagram and Instastories next week to see some of these suits in action!  I hope this helps you and you find a suit you love! Please let me know, how you do and what suit you end up loving.  I always love hearing success stories.

Have a great weekend, girlies, and stay warm and toasty.


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