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As promised, I am sharing my top 12 Nordstrom Sale Beauty Picks and favorite beauty deals from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Luckily, the beauty stuff doesn’t tend to sell out like the fashion stuff, so there are lots to choose from and many good deals to be had. Everything I chat about in this post is fully stocked at the time of posting and if something does sell out, they almost always re-stock it at least once before the sale ends so keep an eye out. I hope you find this post helpful.


I chose my best beauty picks based on what I have personally used and loved.  Now is a great time to stock up on old favorites, try something new via the great value sets, and purchase that pricey beauty tool at a discount. Everything I have chosen is something I have personally used and loved, so I am hoping this will make it easier for you to get some great stuff.


OUAI DETOX SET | I recently purchased the detox shampoo via another blogger’s recommendation and absolutely love it. I use a ton of dry shampoo and this really gets my hair clean without being too harsh. It is safe for my color-treated hair and smells absolutely divine. I am excited to try the dry shampoo that comes in this value set.

PETITE FACIAL KIT| I have sung you guys the praises of this tool for months now. It works wonders for instantly lifting and firming your facial muscles and you will see lasting results with continued use. I have a whole highlight about it on my Instagram here. Now is a good time to get a great deal. It also includes the line smoothing device, conductor gel, and primer for a great value.

SLIP SILK PILLOWCASE | One of the best things you can do for anti-aging, besides wearing sunscreen, is to sleep with one of these pillowcases. there are many imitations, but nothing is as good as a pure silk pillowcase. It doesn’t absorb the skincare products you have applied to your skin before bed and also helps with reducing tugging and stretching of facial skin and hair. You will notice a difference, I promise you.

BOBBI BROWN LIP TINT DUO | Another Bobbi Brown pick, these lip tints are easy to use and flatter everyone with a hint of barely-there color. They usually cost $34.00 each, so you are basically getting the second one for free. I call that a good deal. Think holiday season, this is a great stocking stuffer.

ST. TROPEZ EXPRESS BRONZER| I love their facial mist and it has become one of my holy grail items. This express bronzer has great reviews and I have heard so many people love it that I am excited to try it. It works in only 3 hours, so I will apply before dinner and then shower it off before bedtime for a nice, even glow. It also has a tan color to it, so you can see where you apply it for streak-free, even color.

T3 CURLING WAND | This is the only curling wand I use on my hair. It makes the perfect beach waves that actually last! The iron is so easy to use and I get compliments on my hair every time with this. It creates frizz-free, polished, and shiny curls and doesn’t fry your hair. It is a must-have for me.

CANDLE SET | This set is a fabulous gift idea. You can gift the set, but I like to give the candles individually with some pretty flowers, a bottle of wine, or some chocolate. I keep these in my stash so I always have an emergency gift at hand. They also make great stocking stuffers as well.

KIEHL’S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY SERUM | I love this serum. It is like a magic potion for my stressed and sensitive skin. It is pricey, so I welcome the opportunity to stock up on this value size. I apply this during my nightly skincare routine and then use my derma roller over it. It is a magical combination. You can read all about my current skincare routine here.

FACE PALETTE SET | I am a huge fan of these palettes and they contain everything you need for a full face of makeup. I love mine for travel. It contains shadow, a blush, bronzer, and highlighter that is so pretty & flattering and suits almost everyone. This set also includes mascara and is $75.00 for a $90 value. Makes a great gift.

PORTABLE LIGHT UP MIRROR | This mirror has been on my wish list for a while now and this year may be the year I get it. Perfect for travel, it also has 5 stages of lighting and a magnifying mirror and phone clip. It makes the perfect gift for any aspiring beauty blogger, or makeup lover.

SPECTRALITE VALUE SET | My latest love in the beauty tools department, this mask has really helped my skin over the last few months. It helps soothe my rosacea and fight fine lines and wrinkles in only 3 minutes a day, so I will actually do it on a daily basis. I use it at night, right after I apply my Peach & Lily serum. As with any skincare product or beauty tool, consistency is the key to success and 3 minutes is totally doable in my book. This is a $600 value for the price of the mask alone and also contains the peel pads and moisturizer. Totally worth it in my book!

LAURA MERCIER PRIMER SET | I am a huge fan of all of this primer and now you can stock up. This primer is like no other. It hydrates the skin and smoothes out any fine lines, leaving your skin ready for makeup. This product is perfect for dry, sensitive, and mature skin and I always come back to it.

I hope you enjoyed my top 12 Nordstrom sale beauty picks for 2021. Hopefully, this was helpful and I was able to help you narrow this down and find some good deals on things that are worth the money and that you will actually use. Stay tuned for my fashion edition coming up next.


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