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MY FAVORITE BEAUTYCOUNTER PRODUCTS | Just in time for the sale, I am sharing some of my favorite Beautycounter products.

By popular demand, I am sharing some of my favorite Beautycounter products with you today. In full transparency, I am a Beautycounter consultant. I decided to sign up because I truly love some of their products and I make a higher commission as a consultant. If you have been here for a while, you know that I only recommend products that I know and love and these are truly favorites. Not necessarily because they are clean, but because they are GOOD. The fact they are clean is simply an added bonus for me. The Vitamin C serum is my absolute favorite and, honestly, I would have never tried it if a separate marketing company hadn’t sent it to me as a gift. I am so glad they did.



VITAMIN C SERUM | This is my favorite Beautycounter product and my favorite Vitamin C Serum ever. It has changed my skin. It is plump, smooth, and glowing. I love the texture and the smell and I wrote an entire blog post on why I love it so much. I will never be without it again.

FLAWLESS IN 5 SET| Sadly, this set is not part of the sale, but t is still a tremendous value. You get 6 products for $150 and the set contains everything you need to look put together in 5 minutes. It is great for beginners, or teenagers just starting out with makeup. Completely customizable, you will use every product and I love it for travel. I keep my set in a makeup bag and I am ready to go at a moment’s notice.

CHARCOAL MASK | I love this mask during the hot summer months to give my skin a deep cleanse after a day of sweat, grime, and sunscreen. It is also a great spot treatment for blemishes. Both of my teenage boys also use this to keep their acne and blemishes at bay and it works great for them.

LIPGLOSS | This is a fantastic product. I love everything about it, the texture, the colors, and the smell. It also has good staying power for a gloss and is not sticky or tacky. It feels really comfortable on the lips. My favorites colors are Quartz, Peony, and Dahlia.

MELTING BODY BALM | Dreaming of a trip to a tropical island? This balm is a vacation in a bottle. I love applying this the day after I apply self-tanner for a golden glow. It makes my skin look super healthy and hydrated and leaves a subtle sheen. Magic!

DEODORANT | I have been using clean deodorant for almost 3 years now and just recently made the switch to this one. I love it and it works really well for me. The packaging is genius. Once you buy it, you can simply purchase refills going forward at a much lower price point that compares to drugstore prices.

ADAPTIVE MOISTURE LOTION | This is a great daytime moisturizer during the warm summer months. It sinks right in, leaving my skin hydrated, refreshed, and ready for makeup. I absolutely love it!

CLEANSING BALM | I only tried a sample of this, but I loved it and will purchase a full size in the near future. It does so many different things. It really cleanses my skin and removes all makeup and my mascara, but you can also use it as a hydrating overnight mask, but you can also use it on burns, eczema and it is a great cuticle cream. I love a good multitasking beauty product, don’t you?

JELLIES | These jellies are so fun and easy. I love them during the summertime. Just swipe on and you’re done. They are also a great option for young girls that are really into makeup. My favorite combination is the Sorbet/Mint combo.

There are also a few honorable mentions, such as the Charcoal Bar and Aftershave lotion. All of my boys use them and I occasionally borrow the shave lotion for my bikini area after shaving. I hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of my favorite Beautycounter products. Now is a great time to stock up, as you can save up to $25% off with a $250.00 purchase.


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