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The last college tour is in the books and we have a decision. Hallelujah! My son and I have done several college tours over the last few months, so I have become quite adept at what to pack for a short road trip. Since he wanted to stay fairly close to home, most of our trips involved an overnight stay. I tried to make these trips super fun and memorable. It will most likely be one of the last times we get to spend this kind of time together. (Queue the mom tears). I am so excited for him to go to college and start his new and independent life, but watching your kid grow up is such a bittersweet journey. I am glad he found a college he loves and he is so excited to go, which makes my heart happy after the difficult year he has had.

We had a fantastic time exploring the campuses and nearby towns and everything they had to offer and I will never forget these little trips we took. My son is such a happy guy, excited about life, and always ready for a new adventure. He really made the most of these trips and just enjoyed every moment, especially the food.


Here are some of my best tips for being comfortable while touring college campuses:

Dress is layers. You can start off cold and get really warm really fast, so it is crucial you are able to take off or put on layers to stay comfortable. It is hard to concentrate on what the tour guide is saying when you are sweating profusely or freezing your butt off.

You will be walking A LOT, so make sure you have a pair of super comfortable shoes. There is nothing worse than walking with blisters on your feet.

Bring either a lightweight bag or a jacket with lots of pockets so you don’t have to schlepp a heavy load while you are touring.

Make sure you are wearing a mask that fits your face and is comfortable because you will be wearing it the entire time. These are my favorite.

Get ready to spend some money in the Gift Shop!

Anyway, I have my travel outfits down to a formula of sorts and always wear some version of the same outfit. I also almost always wear Spanx leggings when I travel for long flights, with a long, soft cardigan over them. It is the perfect travel outfit. You look put together, but the outfit is super comfortable, even for long flights.


WHAT TO PACK FOR A SHORT ROAD TRIP | I am sharing what to pack for a short road trip and what to wear on a college tour.

FIELD JACKET | This jacket is and has been a long-time favorite. I am currently wearing it daily during these chillier Spring days. It works with almost every outfit and the gold hardware makes it look so stylish and put together. It has quite a few pockets to hold your keys and phone, so you can leave your purse in the car for the sometimes long walks across the college campuses. The material is soft quilted cotton and it is the perfect warm layer. It is the perfect spring coat.

ROAD TRIP BAG | This fun bag has been my constant companion during these tours. It fits everything I need and a few souvenirs as well.

SPANX LEGGINGS | No matter where I go and for how long, these are always with me. They are super comfortable, suck in all of your lumps and bumps, and make you look put together. I have worn them hundreds of times and they still look like new. They are worth every penny and I own 2 pairs. I almost always pair them with a v neck tee shirt and a long cardigan ( perfect for long airplane rides) or a tunic sweater to cover my bum. PRO TIP: These really suck you in, so I recommend going up a size if you want them to be comfortable.

A PAIR OF CUTE JEANS | I always also pack a pair of denim and rotate between the 2. That way, you can make it look like you have multiple outfits and mix and match your few items that you brought. These are a current favorite.

T3 CURING IRON | I don’ wash my hair too often and I can always make it look good with this curling iron, no matter how dirty my hair is. I always take it with me on trips.

MZ WALLACE BAG | I treated myself to this bag in the Fall and have not used another bag since. It is the perfect bag. Light as a feather, it comes with a detachable pouch inside and various compartments to store your keys and phone so you will always know where everything is. It holds a lot of stuff and always looks stylish.

FLAWLESS IN 5 SET | When I travel, I always bring this makeup set with me. I keep it in my Truffle Makeup bag and I am ready to go at a moment’s notice. It has everything in it I need to look flawless, nothing more and nothing less, and makes traveling so easy. A bargain to boot, you get the whole set of high-quality products (6 makeup items) for $150.00. It is a steal of a deal and can be customized to suit your coloring.

PILLOW SPRAY | I have a hard time sleeping in strange rooms and hotel beds and this helps with that. I spray a bit on my pillow and sheets and it makes me feel home and helps me rest easy. I absolutely love it.

VEJA SNEAKERS | These are my favorite, comfortable walking shoes. I can walk miles in these without any issues, but they don’t look like old lady sneakers. I also love pairing these with skirts and dresses. They literally work with almost any outfit.

KITCH MASKS | I have a small face and most masks ride up into my eyes. I am constantly adjusting them. These masks are the only ones I can put on and forget about. They fit my face and let me breathe without having to constantly fix them. At $12 for 3, they are also super affordable and come in lots of different colors and patterns. Pro tip: They will shrink if you put them in the dryer so I recommend air drying them for the most comfortable fit.

TRUFFLE MAKEUP CASE | I love this case for my travel makeup. It fits everything and you can see what is inside. After being thrown around for the last couple of years, it still looks like new. It comes in tons of different colors and sizes and also makes a great gift.

There is my list of what to pack for a short road trip. I will always look back fondly on these few days we spent exploring the towns, college campuses, and eating yummy food. Every part of our child’s life is precious and memorable. I always try to breathe it all in and enjoy, because you will never get that moment again.


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