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I don’t know about you, but I am still not leaving the house much until I get vaccinated. I have been doing a lot of online shopping as a result and I am sharing some recent amazing Amazon finds to make your life easier & prettier today. I hope you love them as much as I do. There is a good mix here with everything from fashion, to beauty as well as home items. What is one of your most recent Amazon finds that you love? Please share in the comments. I think we all love a good Amazon find, am I right?


CREAM PUFF SLEEVED SWEATER | Soft & cozy, this sweater looks really high-end and is the perfect transition piece when your brain says Spring but the weather still says Winter. It goes with everything from denim, to skirts and pants and can also be used to top your spring dresses until the weather gets warm. It comes in a few colors, but this one is my favorite.

BIODERMA SHOWER OIL | I raved about this shower oil back in January as my first amazing beauty find of 2021. It has not let me down. I use it all over my body in the shower as well as my face. It turns into a milky consistency and does not leave your shower floor slippery. It does, however, leave your skin soft, smooth, and not itchy. I also use it as a shaving oil and it creates an extra smooth shave that way. The scent is light and lovely and I am addicted.

SHARK VACUUM | A little off-topic for a beauty blogger, but I had to share this. Ever since getting our Maisy, I felt like my vacuuming game needed an upgrade. We have 2 floors of wall-to-wall carpet, so I needed something a bit more substantial than my Dyson. Well, this is it. I figured over 18,000 positive reviews couldn’t be wrong. This thing sucked so much stuff out of my rugs and carpet that I am almost embarrassed by it. We filled the container in one session and I had no idea how much my other vacuum had left behind. You can also detach the canister from its base to vacuum curtains, ceilings,….you get the idea.

Full disclosure, if you are looking for something lightweight for every day that is easy to maneuver, this is not it. This is a full-on heavy-duty professional vacuum that really sucks out dust and dirt. The first time I used it, my rug in the entryway became a completely different color again, it sucked out so much dirt. I was shocked! Anyway, it is here to stay and currently WAY CHEAPER than what I paid!

SILK SLEEPING MASKS | I was constantly losing my sleeping mask and the elastics were wearing out so I ordered this set as a replacement. I use a sleeping mask almost nightly, as I need complete darkness to sleep. These are amazing and such a steal. They are 100% silk and feel like you are wearing nothing at all. They have adjustable elastic for a custom fit. The other night I was forced to relocate to the guest bedroom due to my husband’s snoring and couldn’t believe how bright and sunny it was when I pulled off my sleeping mask in the morning. I was SHOCKED how well it worked.

BURT’S BEES LIP CRAYON | I have quickly become a fan of these lip crayons and have them in 3 different colors. They are easy to use, feel amazing on the lips, and provide a nice color payoff. Sedona Sands is a favorite neutral everyday color, and Hawaiian Smolder is great for a pop of color. They are a great, affordable clean beauty option and are great to pop in your purse for on the go.

ACRYLIC MAKEUP ORGANIZER | This organizer has really helped me streamline all of my skincare products. I keep it under my sink in my bathroom and I love that it rotates so you can access everything easily. The compartments are customizable, so you can make everything fit. It is such a bargain, that I am considering getting another one for my makeup products. MAkes a great gift as well.

WOVEN TRAY | This tray just gives off summer cocktail vibes for me. I plan on using this all season long to serve snacks and drinks on our patio outside. It also serves as a great catchall in your entryway for keys, masks, and sunglasses, or in your bathroom to corral all of your skincare products.

BACK BUDDY | This little gadget has changed my life. my back was always so dry and itchy after showering because I had a hard time getting lotion on my back. This is great for that and totally solved my problem. Just add a few squirts of lotion to this and smooth on your back. This is also great for applying self-tanner quickly and easily.

GOLD CANDLE STICKS | I purchased two sets of these to replace some glass candlesticks that were slowly dwindling due to breakage. I love these and they are so versatile and festive. They go with every tablescape from the winter to spring and elevate your everyday dinners. We have a cute tradition in our home that we always light candles when we all sit down for family dinners, even during the week. We try to do this as often as possible and my boys still fight over who gets to light candles, even though they are 15 and 17.

I hope you enjoyed this list. It seems everyone always loves to see what others find on Amazon. My last Amazon Finds post was one of my most popular blog posts ever! Have a great rest of your week.


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