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Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share 2 amazing skincare products that have changed my skin over the last 2 months. I am so amazed by the results that they get their own dedicated blog post. In order to see if a skincare product works for you, you should give it at least 6-8 weeks of consistent use to see some results. Quite often, people use a new product for a couple of weeks and say it did nothing and add it to your beauty graveyard. Further, you should only incorporate one new product at a time. Otherwise, it can become quite difficult to figure out which ones work and which ones don’t.

In full disclosure, both products were sent to me as gifts, so I didn’t pay for them. However, I get tons of free products sent to me, and only a chosen few make the cut. They have to be outstanding in quality and blow me away with their results before I share them here as favorites. Both of these products have lived up to my sensitive skincare standards and dare I say, my skin has never looked or felt better.

I also wanted to quickly mention that I am a Beautycounter consultant. My main reason for signing up was because I wanted a better discount. I love and use many of their products. Also, I receive a better commission if you purchase from my links directly from Beautycounter. I love sharing free beauty tips, but a girl has got to pay her bills, you know?! Anyway, the Beautycounter Vitamin C serum was sent to me separately through a different blogging platform. I was very excited to try it.

Ok, enough of that let’s get the 2 amazing products that changed my skin, shall we?


I have used a Vitamin C serum on and off for years. I know it is supposed to help brighten and even your skin tone, but I had never found one that I absolutely loved before. Therefore was not consistent in using it. There was always something that I felt was missing. I liked the Skinceuticals one, but the $170 a bottle price tag kept me away. Plus, the smell was awful.

I would say my favorite Vitamin C serum to date was the Drunk Elephant one. I loved that the packaging was air-tight and opaque so there was no light or air getting into the product and breaking it down. Vitamin C is highly unstable, making it notoriously difficult to package and keep its potency. I also liked the lower, $80.00 pricepoint. The Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum has been called a Skinceuticals dupe and is so similar that there is even a pending lawsuit against them for copying the pricier version to a T.

I was a repeat customer of this serum. However, mine would always turn quickly, despite the packaging and I found it hard to use up before it turned. Also, once it became a darker orange color, it would literally make my face orange. The watery consistency was also a big negative for me. There are several other serums I have tried here and there, but nothing wowed me, so I became inconsistent in using them. Some would irritate my sensitive skin and make my rosacea worse. No Bueno!

Enter, the Beautycounter Counter + serum. I love everything about it – the texture, the scent, the packaging, and the price. It is the unicorn of Vitamin C serums, in my opinion. I loved it right off the bat. The texture is heavenly and it is easy to use. I see an instant brightening and hydration of my skin when I apply it. (I find that one pump is enough for my entire face.) It sinks right in and has a fresh, almost citrusy scent. A far cry from those other watery smelly tinctures I am used to. It works great under makeup and I apply it right before I apply my It Cosmetics CC Cream.

With consistent use, I have seen my skin become more even-toned and brightened and I have had ZERO irritation with this product. I obviously also love that it is a clean product with quality ingredients and the packaging is eco-friendly as well. The product is highly stable and comes in an air-tight pump. I will never be without it again. Right now, you get 10% off your first order and free shipping on any 75.00+ order on the Beautycounter website


THE 2 AMAZING PRODUCTS THAT CHANGED MY SKIN | I am sharing 2 skincare products you should try that changed my skin. Read post for details!

The other product I have become addicted to is these magical little capsules containing my favorite hyaluronic acid, as well as ceramides. I use these about 3x a week at night, alternating with my beloved Peach and Lily Serum. The key is to apply these to damp skin for maximum benefit.

I love the delivery system as well. The capsules are great for travel. I get a fresh, clean, and brand new serving of serum each time I use it. Hyaluronic Acid acts as a humectant to draw up to 1000x its weight in water to the skin, plumping the complexion with hydration. Fortifying Ceramides then lock this hydration in by creating a sealing effect, helping to prevent moisture loss and ensuring optimal skincare retention. My skin is calm, hydrating, and plumper and it feels SO SOFT. I am a huge fan. They are currently 20% off in the Skinstore and you also get a free goodie bag worth $338 with a $200.00 purchase.

Together, these two products have given me my best skin yet and I love what I am seeing in the mirror in the morning. My skin just looks…..healthy. I pulled this shot below from a makeup tutorial a couple of months ago, so you can compare it to what my skin looks like now. I would say, the proof is in the pudding! Check out my current skincare routine here.

These 2 products that changed my skin have been an amazing addition to my skincare routine. I know you will love them too!


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  1. When do you apply the vitamin C
    After moisturizer before make up
    Your complexion is beautiful and may I ask if you use powder over the CC cream
    Thank you

    1. Thank you! I apply the Vitamin C after cleansing and before moisturizer. I sometimes use powder, but not every day.

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