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This is always a super popular post and I love writing it. It gives me a chance to look back at all the products I have tried and see which ones stuck with me. Some of these are not new products, they are just new to me. To be honest, I am a creature of habit and stick with what works, so writing these posts can become a bit challenging at times. I still love and use every single one of the products I share in my post from last year (2019) and the year before (2018). But there were a few products that wowed me and I swear by, so without further ado, here are my favorite beauty products of 2020.


MY FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCTS OF 2020 | I am sharing my favorite beauty products of 2020 on my blog today. This includes the best drugstore beauty products, beauty tools, skincare and makeup products.

THE NUFACE | If you have been following me for a while, then you know I have not had any botox or fillers, except for botox in my jaw for TMJ, and I am trying to hold off for as long as I can. This tool is amazing for lifting and tightening your facial muscles and the results are almost shocking when you first use it. You will see a difference instantly with lasting results after 6-8 weeks of consistent use.

ROSE STEM CELL MASK | This is, hands down, one of my favorite masks ever. I use it as a follow up to any of my exfoliating treatments for hydrated and calm skin, as well as my conductor gel when I use my Nuface. It really gives you that sought after, glass-like finish to your skin. It is pricey but worth it.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY BLUSH IN LOVE GLOW | The prettiest blush, it leaves a sheer wash of color that truly flatters. It leaves my skin looking fresh, pretty, and glowing and I reached for this more than any other blush color last year. To apply, I just smile at myself and place it on the apples of my cheeks, blending upward and outward.

PIXI EYE PATCHES | These are magical for waking up my eyes in the morning and also come in handy when doing your eye makeup as they catch any fallout and leaves your under eyes clean, hydrated, de-puffed, and ready for makeup. I keep them in the fridge for extra de-puffing power.

THE ORDINARY PEEL | I love this peel for gentle, non-irritating exfoliation and it has taken over from my beloved baby facial from Drunk Elephant. I still use them both, but honestly, you can’t beat the $7.00 price tag of this product and it leaves my skin looking fresh and baby soft. it is fabulous at taking of that dulling layer of dry skin, revealing fresh and glowing skin underneath. I always follow up with the above mentioned rose stem cell mask for the ultimate plumping, calming, and hydration. My skin loves this combo.

TARTE JUICY LIP TRIO | These lip balms are so good and you can’t beat the price for this trio. An individual tube is $19.00 and you get three full-sized tubes for $29.00 in the trio. All of the colors are sheer and super flattering and the balm-like texture is so soothing and hydrating on my lips. I have a TON of lip products, but I will never be without these ever again.

BENEFIT GIMME BROW | This product has been around for ages, but it is new to me this year and I love it. With my makeup wearing at an absolute minimum this year, This is bar far the easiest product to achieve full looking and natural brows. Simply brush the product through your brows and you are done! If you are a makeup novice or have been struggling with having your eyebrows look natural, this product is for you.

OLAPLEX 3, 6, AND OIL | A total game-changer for my hair, I absolutely love this brand. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and the Olaplex no.3 weekly and I have seen the biggest difference in the health of my hair. There is a highlight reel on my Instagram for how I use the no.3. I use a combination of the oil and the bond smoother every time after washing my hair before I blow dry it and my hair looks frizz-free, healthy, and shiny. Other than dry shampoo, these are the only products I really use consistently on my hair. I am an Olaplex fan for life.

T3 CURLING WAND TRIO | This was an investment for sure, but I believe that good quality hair tools are key to healthy hair, especially if you style them often like myself. I never really felt like my curls had any staying power and I had trouble getting them to “look right” until I got this set. The first time I used it, I got like 3 compliments on my hair, so I knew it was a winner. I use the different sizes depending on the size curl and style I am looking for. They switch out easily within seconds.

ALL NIGHTER ULTRA GLOW | I have used the original version of this setting spray religiously for years and swear by it, but for my skin type, I almost love this glowing version even more. It gives my skin a nice, radiant glow and I especially love using it over a fuller coverage foundation, or matte foundation to make it look more natural. This one is a keeper for sure.

YONKA EYE CREAM| My new favorite, can’t live without, morning eye cream. A little bit goes a long way and you can literally feel it working. It hydrates perfectly leaving no greasy residue and your under eyes ready for makeup. You can also keep this in the fridge to intensify the cooling effect it already has.

HOURGLASS AIRBRUSH VANISH CONCEALER | I love many different concealers for many different reasons, but if I had to pick just one, this would be it. It is the unicorn of concealers. The texture is perfection – not too thick, yet it covers flawlessly. It is easy to use and stays put once applied without creasing. Can you ask for much more in a concealer? It is literally perfection in a tube. If I have one gripe, it would be the price tag, but it is worth every penny, in my opinion.

VITAL PROTEINS COLLAGEN POWDER | Not sure why I ever stopped using it a couple of years back, but I will never be without it again. I put one scoop in my coffee every morning and the difference in my hair and nails has been remarkable. I haven’t noticed a major difference in my skin, but I am guessing it is doing good things there too. My nails have always been weak and peeling and now they are super strong. I have tons of baby hair regrowth so I can honestly say it works. If you don’t like hot drinks, my tip is to dissolve a scoop or two in hot water and then add it to your cold drinks. People also add it to their muffins and pancakes but I have never tried that.

TAN LUXE THE BUTTER | Not only is this my favorite self-tanner, but it is also a favorite year-round body lotion for a natural-looking glow. I love everything about this stuff, even the smell, which is where many self-tanners fall short. It has a faint raspberry scent and leaves your whole body, even your face look hydrated and glowing. It has believable, healthy color. I stock up when the bargain size is on sale at HSN. I always try to keep you guys posted in my Instagram stories when that deal comes up.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of my favorite beauty products of 2020. What are some f your favorite beauty discoveries this year? I would love it, if you shared them with me in the comments.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year!



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