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Today I am sharing the best gift ideas for him on the blog. These are all items that my husband already owns and loves or that I am getting him for Christmas, so I hope he is not going to read this post. Guys can be so tricky to shop for, so I am hoping this will provide some inspiration. A lot of these items are available on Amazon, so they will arrive in time to wrap them and put them under the tree.


THE BEST GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM 2020 | I am sharing the best gifts for him, including stocking stuffers and gadgets every guy will love.

HEATED VEST | My son actually discovered this and thought it was a great idea. This vest is great for soccer games, outdoor hikes, or golfing on a chilly morning and will keep your hubby toasty warm. We hope he loves it and will use it often.

YETI MUG | This is literally the perfect gift for any coffee or tea lover on your list. This mug keeps your coffee piping hot for a really long time and we fight over mine, so I think it is time hubby gets his own. It is also good for keeping oatmeal and or soups and stews hot for lunch.

MONOGRAMMED IPOD CASE | Not only does this elevate the look of your earbuds, but it also serves to distinguish them from everyone else’s. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from.

CHARCOAL BAR | All of my guys use this to wash their faces and I love it for cleaning my makeup brushes. Let’s just say everyone is getting this in their stocking this year! It is great for oily and acne-prone skin and the black color makes it “manly”.

INFRARED COLD PANTS | These are the best pants, according to the hubby. They have an infrared lining that makes them super warm, but they are thin just like regular pants. They are great for staying warm while watching soccer games on chilly days as well as golfing, hiking, or just staying warm in general. My husband loves them so much, he asked for a second pair for Xmas.

WOOLS SOCKS | I know socks make a boring gift, but there are amazing and again, my husband loves them. Good socks are hard to find, in my opinion, and you go through a lot of duds to find the perfect pair. These are it. Super thin, yet super warm, they come in a set of 3 and are very budget-friendly as well.

GOLF NET | If you haven’t already guessed it, my husband really loves to play golf. This net sets up easily and lets him practice his driving skills in the backyard without breaking any windows. I am also secretly hoping my boys will like to use it as well, so it is something they can all enjoy together.

NECK BUDDY | The top gadget in our home in the past few months. I put it on the gift guide for him, but honestly, I use it just as much. As someone who is prone to headaches, this has been a lifesaver. It relieves neck tension and also has a heat option. I use this at the onset of a headache and it makes it go away without taking medication. it is a great stress and tension reliever.

SUNGLASSES | My husband left his expensive sunglasses in a rental car last month and I will be replacing them for him with these. There is just something sexy about a guy in aviators and fancy sunnies that is not something a guy usually buys for himself. It makes a nice gift I know he will use and I will enjoy looking at him when he is wearing them ❤️. Here’s hoping he doesn’t lose them again.

RTIC COOLER | We enjoyed using this cooler all summer and fall. We took it to the beach and on our many, many boat rides and it still looks. brand new. It also floats so you don’t have to worry about losing it if it goes overboard and our boys enjoyed testing out if this was true. It will float in the pool, so if you are feeling lazy, you don’t have to go far for a cold beverage. It is a great dupe for the Yeti cooler at half the price and comes in lots of different sizes, styles, and colors.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of gift ideas for him in 2020. If you are still looking for ideas, you can check out last year’s gift guide here. ( Hint: the inflatable hot tub was and is a huge hit again this year. Perfect for quarantining)


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