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NORDSTROM SALE 2020 BEAUTY PICKS | I am sharing my favorite Nordstrom Sale 2020 beauty picks, including makeup, skincare, tools and haircare

As promised, I am sharing my favorite Nordstrom sale 2020 beauty picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Luckily, the beauty stuff doesn’t tend to sell out like the fashion stuff, so there is lots to choose from and many good deals to be had. Everything I chat about in this post is fully stocked at the time of posting and if something does sell out, they almost always re-stock it at least once before they sale ends so keep and eye out. I hope you find this post helpful.


I chose my best beauty picks based on what I have personally used and loved.  Now is a great time to stock up on old favorites, try something new via the great value sets, and purchase that pricey beauty tool at a discount. Everything I have chosen is something I have personally used and loved, so I am hoping this will make it easier for you to get some great stuff.


NORDSTROM SALE 2020 BEAUTY PICKS | I am sharing my favorite Nordstrom Sale 2020 beauty picks, including makeup, skincare, tools and haircare

SPECTRALITE MASK | This is one of the few things on this list I don’t own, but I have been wanting this mask forever. I have had quite a few followers tell me how it has changed their skin and worked wonders on redness and rosacea. This may be the year I bite the bullet and purchase it. I will keep you posted!

BOBBI BROWN CRUSHED LIP SET | This is one of my favorite lipsticks and lipglosses to wear ever and I adore her perfectly wearable neutrals that flatter anyone. The gloss is so nourishing and comforting on my lips and the lipstick is very comfortable as well and doesn’t dry out on my lips. The pigmentation is great! This would make a great gift as well!

LAURA MERCIER POWDER & PRIMER SET | Hands down, one of my favorite primers and setting powders. Both really help makeup stay on longer and last all day. The setting powder has reached holy grail status for me and I use it on clients as well as myself. I can’t live without it. The primer is great for mature skin and makes the biggest difference when applied before foundation. You can’t go wrong with this set!

BEAUTYBLENDER SPONGES | This set includes 2 beauty blender sponges and their bestselling blender and brush cleanser for a great price! Another great gift and stocking stuffer idea for the beauty lover. These last a good while for personal use I love the marble pattern. So fun!

ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY | I can’t say enough good things about this setting spray. It makes your makeup bullet proof and last until you take it off! It is a staple in my kit and I personally use it every time I wear makeup. I can really see the difference, if I forget to use it. This is a great price for and you get a refillable travel size so you never have to be without it! I share some great ways to use setting spray in this blog post!

LIGHTED TRAVEL MIRROR | Another item on my wishlist. This mirror is ultra lightweight and super skinny when folded, which makes it great for travel. The 5 stage lighting is great for a flawless makeup application in any light and the magnifying mirror is great for detail work, such as eyebrows. It even comes with an iphone holder and bluetooth capabilities. Great for any aspiring beauty blogger. Makeup tutorial, anyone?

OLAPLEX | I started using this system last year and I have never looked back. It has done wonders for my color treated and processed hair. A little bit goes a long way and my hair has gone from damaged and brittle to full and healthy. I will never go without it again. I have an Olaplex tutorial in my Instagram story highlights here. This is a great deal on the set and it smells amazing too!

SLIP SILK PILLOWCASE SET | I talk more about the benefits of a silk pillowcase in this blog post, but simply put, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself as far as anti-aging for your skin and hair is concerned. It helps reduces friction on your face and hair and preventing spilt ends and fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. The cases need to be 100% mulberry silk to be effective. They are pricey, so this is a great deal. One for you, one for a friend!

LAURA MERCIER CAVIAR STICKS | My favorite shadow sticks to create an easy, everyday makeup look, or a smokey eye, they are easy to work with and stay put once applied. The only thing I don’t like about them is the price, but this deal makes it a little more bearable. These are 3 wearable neutrals that flatter anyone.

NUFACE | I finally purches this last winter and I am so glad I did. It is great for toning sagging facial muscles and you can see immediate results. Long term results come with continuous use. The immediate results are almost freaky and I have an extensive tutorial in my Instagram story highlights. This set also comes with a device specifically designed to help plump areas in 3 minutes and is great for the eye area.

LUXIE BRUSHES | I love these brushes and they are a great value. I use them almost exclusively for my makeup and can’t recommend them enough. If you need some new brushes, scoop these up. They also have a great eye set on sale to complete the lineup. Combine the 2 and you have an amazing and comprehensive set of brushes for $75.00!

GLOW PRO MICRO NEEDLING TOOL | I have sung you guys the praises of micro needling for months now. It works wonders for plumping and rejuvenating your skin and has worked wonders on my rosacea and skin cancer scars. It is my all-time favorite beauty tool and I swear by it. Now is a good time to get a great deal.This is your chance to get a great deal on this tool with this value set. It is $20 off the original price, but you get the body attachment ($45.00) and skincare included.

MAKEUP ERASER 10 DAY CLOTH SET | These are great for recovering wipes addicts. These makeup erasers take all of your makeup off with just water and I love that this set gives you a 10 day supply. You can wash them at the end of the week and star fresh the next week. So good for sensitive skin and also the environment and they make a fabulous gift! Love them!!!

T3 CURLING IRON | In my opinion, this is the best iron around. It doesn’t damage your hair, heats up in a flash and gives you smooth, frizz free curls in minutes. I recently got this curling iron after pining after it for years and the first time I used it, I got like 5 compliments on my hair that day! I am a big believer in spending a bit more on hair tools, as cheap ones will absolute fry and damage your hair. If you are a frequent user of styling tools, my best tip is to invest in good quality tools. It is worth every penny.   

BECCA BACKLIGHT PRIMER | My favorite special occasion primer, this is like an Instagram filter in a bottle. It is great for dry and mature skin and blurs imperfections like a champ. It it not sparkly, but gives you that lit from within glow! I absolutely love it and this is a great price.

I hope this was helpful and I was able to help you narrow this down and find some good deals on things that are worth the money and that you will actually use. Stay tuned for my fashion edition coming up next.


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