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Sephora is having their spring sale currently going on and since we are not wearing that much makeup these days, I thought I would focus on my favorite self care products from Sephora for this post. These are all tried and true favorite holy grail products that I don’t mind spending money on because the results are priceless. This is your chance to get them at a discount. The discount you get depends on the level you are at Sephora. In other words, the more you shop there, the bigger your discount will be. Here is how it works:

Rouge Members 20% off 4/17 – 5/1 with code: SPRINGSAVE

VIB Members 15% off 4/21 – 4/29 with code: SPRINGSAVE

Insiders 10% off 4/23 – 4/27 with code: SPRINGSAVE

You have to spend $350 within a calendar year to become a Rouge member. Which, let’s face it, is not that hard to do. It is amazing how fast they add up. Here is your chance to save some money, and it only comes twice a year. I am focusing on my favorites self care products from Sephora in today’s’ post, but you can find my other favorites in this post.


MY FAVORITE SELF CARE BEAUTY PRODUCTS  FROM SEPHORA | I am sharing my favorite self care products from Sephora on the blog today, just in time for their Spring sale.  It includes my favorite skincare, hair and body selfcare products. Take care of yourself during this time. #selfcare


GLOPRO | I have talked endlessly about this beauty tool and how it has changed my skin and helped tremendously with my rosacea and scars from skin cancer surgery. I swear by this thing and it it worth every single penny, in my opinion. I have a highlight in my Instagram stories of how to use it.

LIP MASK | This product is amazing for dry, chapped lips and I sue it every single night. It is the best product on the market and is a good value for the money. You get a lot of product and one jar lasts a really long time.

FACE MASK | One of my favorite face masks ever and if I had to pick just one, this may be it. It is a nourishing 10-minute clay mask that hydrates, repairs, and purifies for flawless, baby-soft skin. It does not irritate my skin and my face look and feels amazing after I Use it. I will do it later today.

DRY SHAMPOO |This is my all time favorite, holy grail shampoo and I am so thankful that they finally made a jumbo size to accommodate my addiction. I go through it fast, especially right now during quarantine, we showers are few.

OLAPLEX HAIR TREATMENT & HAIR OIL | I adore his entire line. I bought the starter set during the holidays to try it, because I had heard so many great things and I am here to tell you it is all true. The stuff is not cheap, but a little bit goes a long way. I love every single product, but if I HAD to pick, I would start with the No.3 and the Hair Oil. I use 3 tiny drops of the oil with the leave-in cream, which I also love, but it didn’t fi in my collage. and it makes my hair shiny and soft. The bottle is small, but will last forever.

UNSEEN SUNSCREEN | There is no excuse not to wear sunscreen on a daily basis with so many products to choose from. Wearing sunscreen every day is truly the most important thing you can do for anti-aging. This is one of my favorites, because it feel the least like sunscreen. It is a makeup primer containing SPF 40 and I wear it under makeup during the summer, or just on its on to mattify my skin an smooth out my pores when I am going on my daily walks.

TARTE LIP OIL | This has quickly became my favorite daytime gloss. It is so nourishing and is a treatment/ cosmetic hybrid product. It feels like a treatment products but has just a hint of pink that makes lips look so pretty and healthy. I adore it and it tastes good too! It contains maracuja oil, which contains essential fatty acids and vitamin C, and macadamia seed oil to smooth and soften lips. Lastly, it has acai fruit extract to support skin elasticity and moisture retention. It is free of parabens, phthalates and mineral oil. This product is also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, and comes in recyclable packaging. An all around winner in my book.

BUM BUM CREAM | I adore this body cream and it is my favorite way to wear fragrance in the summer. This cream is so rich and luxurious and makes my skin feel soft and silky. It is supposed to firm skin, but I haven’t really noticed that. I still love it though and every time I wear it my husband comments on how good I smell. It is pricey, so I wear it on special occasions or as a little pick me up, but I would bathe in this stuff, if I could,

OUAI CHILL PILLS | My favorite way unwind and relax is with a glass of wine and a hot bath with one of these. They are the ultimate treat and smell so good and leave my skin silky soft after I am done. This has become an important self care ritual for me and I feel like a new person after a good soaking session.

EYE CREAM | I love a lot of Charlotte Tilbury products (except for her lip products, which are always orange on me. Sad but true) and this is my all time favorite anti-aging eye cream ever. it is so, so good and truly magical. It is the perfect combination of rich and hydrating, but it soaks in and doesn’t leave a greasy feel on my skin. It features anti-aging ingredients to revitalize, reinvigorate, and protect against aging—reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Time-released retinol molecules work to refine and resurface the skin around the eye to help your eyes appear younger and more radiant and visibly firm and brighten. This is 100% true for me. It is not cheap, but the jar is huge and the cream is so rich that you only need a tiny bit. One jar lasts me forever and I would go as far as to call this a really good value for the money.

These are some of my currently most used and my favorite self care products from Sephora. I hope you guys are hanging in there and are taking some time to take care of yourselves.


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  1. Great post! I found you on Pinterest and so glad I did! I decided to not over spend this year like I usually do on the sale. I got some back ups and a few new things. You recommended some of my all time faves!

  2. Hi…..just discovered you today and have been reading random older posts. I ran across this one that mentioned that all Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is orange on you…..I’m so glad to know it’s not just me! I’m going to look into your recommendations as we have similar coloring. Glad to have found you!

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