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We booked a trip to my beloved Seaside in 30A over Easter and I am beyond excited to head back there. I can not wait to relax and slow down and enjoy some serious beach time. We rented a lovely beach house, complete with bikes and a golf cart and I have compiled a list of what to pack for spring break in Florida. Mom edition!

Seaside has a very casual and relaxed vibe, which I love. You can grab dinner from one of the food trucks, order pizza on the beach or head straight to Bud and Alley’s for a great dinner with an insane sunset view right after the beach. I plan on packing minimally, with mostly beach wear and a few sweatshirts for chilly nights, bare essentials for makeup, good sunscreen and a great book. That is really all I need to be happy. (Okay, maybe a cooler for a few cocktails on the beach). I did splurge on a new leopard swimsuit I could not resist.


WHAT TO PACK FOR SPRING BREAK IN FLORIDA | I am sharing my 30A beach trip essentials today on the blog and tell you what to pack for spring break in florida.

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WHITE BEACH MAXI DRESS | I am a sucker for a good, crisp white beach dress and I own a bunch of them. They are a beach wear staple. I love this one, because it is a bit longer. Throw it over your bathing suit and put on some earrings & your Miller sandals, and you are ready for cocktails and dinner.

IT COSMETICS CC CREAM | This is my foundation and sunscreen in one. I never go without it. It is full coverage, but still looks so natural and lets your skin shine through, whilst still protecting skin from the sun. I wear minimal makeup on beach trips, but this is a must have I don’t go without.

CUTE SUNNIES | I have given up on expensive sunglasses a long time ago. I get a bunch of cute, cheap sunnies and carry them with me everywhere. My eyes are super sensitive to sunlight because I wear contact lenses. I prefer large frames with dark lenses. These fit the bill and are under $20.00

TARTE LIPSHINE | I am obsessed with these lipshines from Tarte and talk about them all the time. They are the perfect, sheer pop of color and are so nourishing and hydrating with a slightly minty tingle. I love all of the colors, but especially coral and cherry for a beach trip.

PACKING CUBES | These cubes are life changing and make packing so much easier. Further, they keep you organized throughout your trip. I never go on a trip without them anymore and use them to categorize my clothes. Nothing gets jumbled in my suitcase anymore and I swear you can pack way more stuff when using these.

STRAW HAT | I never go out in the sun without major sunscreen and a hat to protect my head. Having had skin cancer twice on my face, I am super diligent. This hat is cute and cheap and I generally buy a new one each season.

CUTE STATEMENT EARRINGS | These are super easy way to dress up any outfit and travel light. I always pack a couple of pairs statement earrings to spruce up any outfit. These ones are so inexpensive and lightweight ( a key factor) and the neutral color goes great with everything. I also bought these. I can’t resist a good turquoise earring.

SUPERGOOP SUNSCREEN OIL | I am a super diligent about sunscreen and as a result have tried lots of them. I am picky about how they feel on my skin, but I love this one. This is my other, budget friendly choice. I put this oil everywhere, even in my hair to keep it nourished and hydrated throughout the day. Make no mistake, it makes your hair greasy, but I typically saturate my hair with tap water and then spray this oil through and add a cute braid for a day at the beach. That way, salt water can’t penetrate your hair and mess with your color.

THE MILLER SANDAL | I treated myself to these on my 40th birthday (6 years ago) and have worn them to death, yet thy still look like new. They are my go-to neutral sandal during the summer and go with everything from denim shorts to fancy dresses. They are the perfect summer shoe. Other than a cute pair of sneakers, these are the only shoes I really need on a beach trip.

BUM BUM CREAM | This stuff is absolutely divine. I don’t see it firming and smoothing out my cellulite much, but I absolutely adore the smell and how it makes me feel when I am wearing it. I gives me babysoft skin and makes me feel sultry and sexy. Even my hubby loves it. It is pretty much my only summer fragrance.

ANIMAL PRINT ONE PIECE | I love the print of this suit. I ordered this one and this one and I honestly can’t decide between the two. Animal print is around to stay. Now it has infiltrated our spring and summer wardrobe and I am not mad about it. This suit makes me feel sexy, without being too revealing and is the perfect mom friendly suit. I share some other mom friendly bathing suits here in this post.Help me choose which one to keep on my Instagram stories.

CLOTHES STEAMER | I travel with this thing everywhere. It is on the larger side, but keeps my entire family looking fresh and wrinkle free during out trips. I love that you can use it like an iron as well and lay your garments flat to steam them. It really gets out stubborn wrinkles. When we went to my nieces wedding last year, I steamed my entire extended families clothes with this and had them looking spiffy.

EYE PATCHES | These are a godsend on the airplane and after a long beach day. They are cooling and hydrating and make a world of difference on tired eyes. Unlike some other eye patches, once applied, these stay put and don’t slip and slide of your face. You can literally run a marathon in these without them budging.

There you have it. My round up of what to pack for spring break in Florida. Add a cooler, a good book and I am ready. Are you heading anywhere fun this spring? Let me know in the comments.


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