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Ok, raise your hand, if you have ever looked in the mirror  and your reflection scared you just a wee bit. Today, I am sharing my best makeup tips for looking less tired.  There are definitely certain products that will help you look more awake and fake a good night’s sleep.  (I promise, it will be our little secret.) Whether your your kid kept you up all night, you are feeling a little under the weather, or you stayed up too late binging Hallmark Christmas movies (guilty) , I have got you covered.


THE BEST MAKEUP TIPS FOR LOOKING LESS TIRED | I am sharing a few tips & tricks to help you look less tired and more awake when you haven't slept. I also talk about my best product recommendations for looking alive and wide awake. #wellrested

I think we have all been there and I truly don’t know a busy woman, who wouldn’t benefit from a few makeup tips & tricks tips for alive, am I right!?

If you need some tips & product recommendations for puffy eyes and under eye bags, you can check out this blog post. I told my hubby I was taping a video on “How to look more awake when you are tired”,  and his advice was: ” Go back to bed.” Haha! Don’t I wish.  For all of us, who don’t have that option, (every mom and woman I have ever met) this is for you.  Enjoy!


*PRO TIP: When you are tired, you want to use very forgiving and sheer cream products that reflect light and add a healthy flush of color. Choose a sheer light gloss with a little pop of color.   NO dark lips or matte lip colors, powder products and dark eye shadows.  They will make you look zombie like and actually accentuate your tiredness. 



THE BEST MAKEUP TIPS FOR LOOKING LESS TIRED | I am sharing a few tips & tricks to help you look less tired and more awake when you haven't slept. I also talk about my best product recommendations for looking alive and wide awake. #wellrested

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BECCA PRIMER | I love this primer for waking up my tired skin in the morning.  It really brightens my complexion and has an energizing citrus scent.  It has quickly become my go-to primer and is great for mature and dry skin.

ORIGINS GINZING EYE CREAM | This is my favorite morning eye cream and I use it every single morning. It is so refreshing and  contains caffeine and a bit of luminessence to instantly wake up tired eyes. 

SKYN ICELAND EYE PATCHES | These patches are amazing. They de-puff and hydrate your under eye area like nothing else. They have an instant cooling effect and leave no residue so you can do your makeup with no issues. I place them over the eye cream and do my makeup first and let them soak in.  Keep them in the fridge for an extra cooling boost.


ROTHCO EYE DROPS| I keep these in my own makeup bag as well as my professional kit. They help whiten and refresh dry, irritated eyes in just a couple of minutes. 

MAC PAINT POT IN PAINTERLY | This stuff is magical.  It erases redness, veins, smoothes out your eyelid and keeps everything in place.  Further, if you have under-the-eye smudging issues, this will prevent them.  Just apply a little under your eyes as well.

LAURA MERCIER CREAM SHADOW | This is a quick and easy way to lighten & brighten up your upper lid and really make them pop.  Just smudge a big on your lid, focusing on the center of your lid.

NAVY EYELINER | Navy liner is universally flattering. It makes the whites of your eyes look even whiter, making you look brighter and more awake. The trick is to just smudge this into your lash line.  Avoid pulling your ee and drawing a line.  I love this pencil because it really stays put and doesn’t melt off your face. 

LASH CURLER | This is essential for looking more awake.  It lifts lashes and curls them up and out, making your eyes look bigger and more open.

MASCARA | Use your favorite and wiggle from base to tip.

NUDE EYELINER |  Another product that seems so subtle but makes a HUGE difference in making you look more awake.  Don’t skip this step! Line the waterline of your eyes to really brighten them up.

ANASTASIA BROW WHIZ |  Eyebrows are the picture frame to your face.  This pencil will create a beautiful shape and frame your face.  As we age,  brows and lashes tend to disappear, give us a faded appearance . Enhancing lashes and brows results in a more youthful and awake appearance.

TARTE CREASELESS CONCEALER | This is the BEST concealer for dark circles.  It is pretty heavy duty and really covers circles, but the maracuja oil keeps it from looking dry and cakey,  and it stays put all day long.  Plus, it comes in over 30 shades.

IT COSMETICS CC CREAM |  My holy grail product.  I think the video speaks for itself.  I talk about it constantly, including here and here.

CREAM BLUSH AND HIGHLIGHTER | These 2 products are key giving the illusion of a glowing and healthy complexion.  Both producers are so forgiving and easy to apply. Make sure to warm them up on your hands before applying. 

MILANI PLUMPING GLOSS| I really like this one. It is cheap and the formula is so hydrating and nourishing, but not sticky at all. It has a bit of a minty tingle, which also helps in perking me up a bit.  The color is a sheer pink and is just so beautiful and flattering.  One of my favorites. Always choose a sheer balm or gloss with a hint of brightness, like pink, berry or red. Neutrals tend to work against you in this situation and can make you look dead.

I hope you find this post helpful.  I share a tutorial over on Instagram. If you are super short on time, prioritize and do the 3 things you need the most.  When all else fails, there is always my 10 second routine – big sunnies, lipgloss and a baseball hat.😜


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    1. Do you prefer the cc cream or the bye bye foundation? I noticed they were both pictured. I’ve tried the cc cream and wondered about the difference In the two. Thanks!

      1. So funny! I use them both interchangeably. They are exactly the same in my opinion. The bye bye foundation is a tad lighter.

  1. Awesome post for this tired mama, especially during the holiday season! Can you link the lipgloss – right now the link takes you to the nude eyeliner….

  2. Love these tips! I want to try the tarte creaseless concealer you link here- but I have brutal blue under eye circles- would you suggest layering this with the Charlotte tilbury magic away corrector under it? Or does this create too much product and then creasing? Thank you!

    1. I would definitely recommend the becca primer and then I would say use the corrector first and then the concealer. Just remember, thin layers and less is more. Resist the urge to apply a lot of product.

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