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This is the last week of the Ulta sale and there are still some great beauty finds to be had. You can see my other favorites here and here. This week kind of ebbs and flows with tons of good stuff some days and nothing at all on other days. It is skin care heavy, but there are also a couple of great makeup deals as well as a couple of beauty tools that are worth the investment. Rember, once they are gone, they are gone, so it pays to do your research in advance so you know what you want to order and on what day it is on sale. I set myself reminder in my Google calendar.


21 DAYS OF BEAUTY EVENT AT ULTA - WEEK 3 | I am sharing my favorites from the 21 days of Beauty Event at Ulta for week 3, including a lot of skincare goodies and beauty tools.

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Lots of goodies today.

TOO FACED HANGOVER SPRAY | This can be used as a primer or setting spray and I prefer to use it as the latter. It contains coconut water and is perfect to use throughout the day for a quick makeup refresh. It is also fabulous for airplane rides.

TOO FACED HANGOVER PRIMER | THis is a recent discovery and the name pretty much says it all. If you are having a bad skin day, this will be your best friend. It instantly hydrates, brightens and smoothes your skin and makes it look more rested. I love it.

TARTE SHADOW PALETTE | If yo missed out on the Too FAced palette the other day, this is a great alternative. It contains a great assortment of matte as well as shimmer shadows and can create a multitude of looks from natural to smokey. It is a great buy .

PETER THOMAS ROTH CLOUD SERUM | I should clarify that I have only tried the cloud moisturizer, but I freaking love that stuff and I am sure this is just as fabulous. The reviews certainly seem to back me pu on this. Great for mature, dry and sensitive skin your face will drink this up. It is equally great for oily skin that also needs hydration without the heaviness of a moisturizer. It is pretty much perfect for all skin types. This serum delivers lasting moisture and contains my favorite ingredient – hyaluronic acid.


IT BRUSHES FOR ULTA | It Cosmetics makes some of my favorite makeup brushes, but they are pricey, so this is a great time to get some new brushes if you are in the market. Personally, I would stick to the 2 eye brushes here. I am not a fan of that complexion brush (there is a better one coming this week) and I personally believe one good, universal blending brush will take care of the rest of your face. No need for sculpting or fan brushes, but the eye brushes are worth it.

MICHAEL TODD DERMAPLANING SYSTEM | This is a fancy alternative to my beloved twinkle razors. It removes peach fuzz, dirt and debris and is extremely gentle. It was also an Allure reader’s CHoice Award winner. I own this and love it, but I also love the tinkle razors. I probably wouldn’t spend the $99.99 on it, since I love the Tinkle razors and they are cheaper. But, for $45.00 it is a great buy and a worthwhile investment and if the tinkle razors intimidate you, this is a safer option.

PMD MICRODERMABRASION SYSTEM | I own this system, but sadly it is not meant for my sensitive skin. I do, however, think this is a great anti-aging device and I personally know many people who love this and have seen great results, so it is worth mentioning in this post.


I have not personally tried anything that is on sale today, but I do love the Skyn Iceland brand and would probably give this brightening eye serum a go, if I didn’t have like 5 eye creams on my counter for testing.


Nothing today


PATCHOLOGY FLASH PATCHES | I have been along tie fan of this brand and adore these eye patches. Funny story – I was actually art of the original photoshoot that launched this brand, way back when it was just getting started. You can see a pic from that day here. (It was one of my first Instagram posts ever and got like 5 likes 😆) These patches are fabulous and have since been copied by many people. These are the originals and I keep mine in the fridge for a quick refresh and a little boost before going out and the morning after as well.

ORIGINS FAVORITES SET | I am a big Origins fan and this is a great way to try a few new products without buying full sizes and breaking the bank. I have discovered many great new products this way.


Today is another great day for deals

IT COSMETICS WATERPROOF CONCEALER | An amazing concealer for the summer months. It is waterproof, and a little bit goes a long way. A great for more mature skin with great anti-aging properties, such as hyaluronic acid and peptides. This concealer doesn’t crease or crack and comes in 48 shades.

CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE | A great moisturizer that can also be used as a 5 minute mask. I love that it is fragrance free and it can be used or over makeup for an instant moisture boost. How cool is that? It is a staple in my kit to perk up dry, dehydrated skin. This product is so versatile and works on everyone.

IT COSMETICS COMPLEXION BRUSH | A great brush for applying foundation and concealer and the only complexion brush you need. It is great for cream products, such as cream blush, liquid bronzer and highlighter.


URBAN DECAY EYE PENCIL | Generally, I prefer powder or gel liner, bu this one is really great. So soft and easy to use, it is waterproof and comes in TONS of pretty colors. MOre of a traditionalist, I love the brown and black colors for a soft lived in smudgy look.

This marks the end of the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty event. I hope you found this series helpful and got lots of goodies.


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