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21 Days of Beauty Event at Ulta – Week 1

21 Days of Beauty Event at Ulta | I am sharing my best beauty deals from the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty event for week 1 on the blog today. You don't want to miss it. Everything in my post is 50% off.

Today is the start of one of the best beauty sales, in my opinion. It is the Ulta 21 days of Beauty event. This sale is a bit different than other beauty sales. Every day a few items are 50% off for that day only, so you have to jump on it! if you miss it, you miss the deal. There are some fabulous deals to be had. I have scoured the sale for the best products and have listed them for you here. I will share the best deals with you each week in a 3-week blog post series. Today I am sharing week 1, next Sunday I will share week 2 and the following Sunday, I will share week 3.

The one catch with this sale is that things do sell out, so my best advice is to set your timer every morning, or if you live close to an Ulta, make daily stops early in the day for the best stuff. Ulta also give you the option to set alerts in your google calendar, which is cool. I have listed all of my favorites in this post and will hop on stories daily to share the best stuff with you. Happy Shopping!

21 Days of Beauty Event at Ulta – Week 1

21 Days of Beauty Event at Ulta | I am sharing my best beauty deals from the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty event for week 1 on the blog today. You don't want to miss it. Everything in my post is 50% off.

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Items marked with the * are Diamond/Platinum exclusives.

September 1st

BENEFIT THE POREFESSIONAL | This is one of my all time favorite primers. It is great for people with larger pores. It really melts into the skin and diffuses texture for an even canvas. I use it on clients all the time. and it is my personal favorite primer.

LASHFOOD | (Online only) I have used this Lash serum for months and I have been loving the results. My puny lashes are looking long and luscious these days. The key is consistency. I keep mine on my nightstand and it is the last thing I do before bed every night.

September 2nd

FOREO LUNA | This little gadget gets my skin clean, but is super gentle. This mini version is great for travel. I keep mine in my travel bag. It is only $25.00 today. The silicone material makes it antimicrobial, so no icky germs.

*CLINIQUE CLEANSING BALM |(Online only) I tried this balm on my Bahamas trip from my girlfriend and LOVED it. It is a super gentle, fragrance free balm that melts away makeup and even mascara without stripping skin. It is fabulous for sensitive skin with rosacea and a great cleanser for the colder months.

September 3rd

BECCA HYDRA MIST POWDER | I love the BECCA brand and have many favorites, including this. This powder is unlike anything you have ever used before. It is 50% water and sets your makeup with a misting effect on the skin. It prevents caking and is fabulous for mature skin.

September 4th

SKYN ICELAND FIRMING EYE GELS | These are my holy grail eye patches and I will be stocking up on these. They have magical de-puffing powers and are great for tired eyes. A must-buy in my opinion.

September 5th

SHISEIDO CLEANSING FOAMS | (Online only) These are great cleansers for normal and oily skin. I used to use these back in the day and loved them. They get your skin really clean and the foaming action is so luxurious and. I don’t use this cleanser anymore, but it is truly gretra id you have normal or oily, acne prone skin.

*MAC RUBY WOO LIPSTICK | (Online only) If you are in the perfect for the perfect red lipstick for the upcoming holiday season, this one is it. It is the perfect neutral red with a matte texture. It looks good on literally everyone!

September 6th

PHILOSOPHY EXFOLIATING FACIAL WASH | (Online only) I will be stocking up on this for my son, who is 16 and suffering from hormonal acne. This is a great cleanser he can use every day to help clean his skin. This can also be used on dry and sensitive skin once a week as a “mini- peel” to get rid of skin dulling, dead skin build up.

September 7th

ANASTASIA BROW DEFINER | This is one of the best brow pencils out there and today, it is the price of a drugstore brow pencil so stock up. I use these on clients all the time and they give a very natural look. I love them. Personally, I use the taupe color. The blonde is a bit too warm for me.

These are my picks for week one. These are all things I have personally used and love. If there are any on the list that you have tried, I would love to hear about it. Have a great week and stop by next Sunday for my picks for next week.


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