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Dermaplaning 101 | How to shave your face

DERMAPLANING 101 | HOW TO SHAVE YOUR FACE - This video shows how to dermaplane at home. It is a fast, easy & cost effective skin treatment that will exfoliate your skin and have you looking more youthful. #dermaplaning #diydermaplaning #howto #athome #benefits

Dermaplaning 101 | How to shave your face

This may seem like one of the stranger parts of my beauty routine, but today I will share with you how to shave your face. The fancy term for this is called “dermaplaning” and is a hot commodity at spas and salons right now. Dermaplaning is just a fancy term for shaving your face and it is easily done at home. It is a highly effective way to exfoliate your skin and get rid of peach fuzz, which can trap dirt, oil and your foundation, and make you look older. Shaving is one of the most effective ways to help your foundation look flawless and make you look more youthful. It is also the most cost effective, if done at home. I briefly touched on this method in my Flawless Foundation blog post and many of you followed suit and bought the Tinkle razors. For those of you that are still hesitant, I thought I would discuss this in a bit more depth today. I encourage you to give it a try. I have done it on a regular basis for a while now and I am never looking back.

DERMAPLANING 101 | HOW TO SHAVE YOUR FACE - This video shows how to dermaplane at home. It is a fast, easy & cost effective skin treatment that will exfoliate your skin and have you looking more youthful. #dermaplaning #diydermaplaning #howto #athome #benefits

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the physical exfoliation of the top layer of skin and your peach fuzz along with it. It can be done at a salon, but it is just as easily done at home. I use these inexpensive razors I order on Amazon, but there are also some fancier tools and gadgets to help yo achieve this. Contrary to popular belief, removing your peach fuzz from you face with a razor will not make your hair grow back thicker or faster. It is simply not true. It will, however, improve the texture of your skin and make your foundation application much smoother and flawless looking. Right after dermaplaning is also a great time to apply a hydrating serum and moisturizer to give your skin and extra boost. Personally, I prefer to to this at night so my serum and moisturizer will really have time to penetrate and sink in.

DERMAPLANING 101 | HOW TO SHAVE YOUR FACE - This video shows how to dermaplane at home. It is a fast, easy & cost effective skin treatment that will exfoliate your skin and have you looking more youthful. #dermaplaning #diydermaplaning #howto #athome #benefits

Why should I try Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning removes the top layer of your skin and facial hair that can trap dirt and oil. Not only will it make your foundation application go smoother and look better, it is a fabulous skin care treatment that will improve the texture of your skin. Dermaplaning is a safe & effective exfoliation treatment that allows for deeper product penetration, boosting the effects of skin care products. It will help make the skin look and feel smoother and also helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars. I have sensitive skin & rosacea and my skin can tolerate it just fine.

DERMAPLANING 101 | HOW TO SHAVE YOUR FACE - This video shows how to dermaplane at home. It is a fast, easy & cost effective skin treatment that will exfoliate your skin and have you looking more youthful. #dermaplaning #diydermaplaning #howto #athome #benefits


Who should try Dermaplaning

In my opinion, everyone can benefit from it, but especially more mature skin. As collagen production slows down, so does cell turnover and skin can look dry and dull quickly. A weekly dermaplaning treatment will take off that top layer of dead skin and have you glowing again in no time. Also, the removal of peach fuzz will make your makeup application look more youthful, as it allows the foundation to look more like your skin, rather than sitting on top of your dead skin and clinging to your peach fuzz. You will also use a lot less product this way. It is also good for acne prone skin, as it will prevent new acne from forming. I don’t however, think it is a good idea to try this method if you have severe, or cystic acne and I would definitely consult with a dermatologist before trying this at home.

How do you Dermaplane?

I shot a quick video demonstrating the procedure below. I am afraid the quality is questionable, but it does get the point across. There are a few key things to remember, when doing this at home. 1) Always use a clean blade. You can use the razors 2×3 times each, but always clean them with rubbing alcohol in between uses. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is the most effective. 2) Make sure your face is clean when doing this. This is really important. Otherwise you are driving dirt and germs into your pores. I like to wash my face and then follow up with with a cotton pad and toner to make sure my skin is clean. 3) Hold your skin taut and the razor at an angle and use gentle, short strokes in a downward motion. You can apply a few drops of oil before starting if your skin is dry and sensitive. I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. It just depends. I definitely follow up with a a few drops of oil when done, and this fabulous moisturizer to drive moisture back into my skin. If you have the time, this is a great opportunity for a hydrating mask, as it will be super effective. This one and this one are my favorites. If you decide to dermaplane in the morning, make sure to use sunscreen before leaving the house, but you should be doing that anyway!

There you have it. A lesson in shaving your face. I hope you guys will give it a try. I think you will love the results, both short and long term. Keep me posted! ❤️



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18 thoughts on “Dermaplaning 101 | How to shave your face

  1. I’ve tried this before but I think I used the wrong type of facial razors. They were meant to be gentle but I ended up with little cuts on my face and it was such a disaster! I think I’ll have to cave and buy those Tinkle brand razors online.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Oh no! That does not sound good. The Tinkle Razors are great. Let me know, how you do. ❤️

  2. How often do you shave your face? I just started doing mine using the same razors about 2/3 months ago.

    1. It really depends, but I would say about every 2 weeks and before a big event. How are you liking it?

      1. Omg I love it! Since turning forty a few months ago I’m really trying to make an extra effort to take better care of my skin. This has made such a difference!

  3. I would think you wouldn’t go against the direction your skin grows. I would think you would shave in the direction of your hair growth.

  4. I would like to save people from a mistake I made thinking I was pro enough at dermaplaning to achieve. If you run out of the specific razors, DO NOT GO SEARCHING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE! A lot of YouTube vids will say a scalpel or straight razor will work just fine. Well yes, technically it works more than fine, but if you’d like to still have a face left with skin and no cuts or soon to be new scars, just reorder your usual blades & be patient. I’m even super familiar with both my straight razor and my scalpel, but being comfortable wielding that scalpel meant nothing & did not stop the onslaught nicks on my poor face. After the 1st couple did I think, “Better quit whilr.Im ahead?” Well yes, but I didnt, of course!
    Luckily they’re so sharp it’s likely to heal with no scar, but its not worth injuring yourself. I wasn’t even gonna try the straight razor, I’m no barber & the curves of the face take skilled maneuvering. I just wanted to say this and hopefully people will heed the advice & not have to learn the hard way.
    Think of it this way, if you think your face looks so bad you have to dermaplane now by improvising, think of how much worse it will look if it goes badly & you end up with 10+ cuts all over! A little peach fuzz is way better!

    Aside from that, I love it! I have textured skin though from a youth full of acne. Ive never achieved a flawless application of foundation and outside of a pro doing it, I probably never will. This helps though!

  5. This is a very helpful video, Kirsten!
    Just one question, if you do this on a weekly basis, can you apply makeup right the next morning?
    I tried last night for the first time and it really makes a difference!

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