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THE COZY GIFT GUIDE FOR THE HOMEBODY | Cozy gifts for anyone who loves saying in. #giftguide #cozygifts #giftsforher #giftideas

Personally, I am a total homebody and will stay home for days on end. Especially at this time of the year. I hate crowds and try to avoid them at all costs.  I much prefer cozy clothes and a movie by the fire over going out. My husband calls me a hermit. My friend and I were joking last night, as we were going to a holiday event, that this was the first time in a week I actually put on real clothes. 😳

You guys have really been loving my gift guides, which makes me so happy. So, I couldn’t let the season go by without sharing my favorite things with you in my cozy gift guide for the homebody.  These are all things I own and love and they are sure to make anyone happy. Even if they are a total people person.


THE COZY GIFT GUIDE FOR THE HOMEBODY | Cozy gifts for anyone who loves saying in. #giftguide #cozygifts #giftsforher #giftideas

SUPER SOFT SWEATPANTS// These are the softest, most coziest sweatpants I own.  I live in them and wear them to run errands and pick up my kids from school. They are so soft and don’t look sloppy.

BAREFOOT DREAMS ROBE// You can’t really go wrong with anything from Barefoot Dreams, but the robe is dreamy, especially on a chilly winter morning.  I have the cardigan as well and it is my go-to travel cardigan.  I talk about it in my gift guide for her, here and here. If the robe is not in your budget, anyone would love getting a pair of the socks as well.  They make a great teacher gift.

BAMBOO BATH TRAY// I am a huge fan of hot bubble baths in the winter and this tray takes them to another level.  It fits a candle, a glass of wine and even your Ipad, so you can catch up on your favorite episode  of “Younger”, while surrounded by hot bubbles.

LAURA MERCIER FRESH FIG HONEY BATH// Divine. That is all I have to say.  Combine this with the bath tray and you have yourself a lovely, pampering gift. It is a lovely treat on its own as well.



MORNING BEAUTIFUL MUG// This is my new favorite mug.  It is so pretty and makes the perfect cozy gift, if combined with some hot chocolate or tea. Works great with a hot toddy as well as a nightcap. 😉

UGG ALENA SUEDE SLIPPERS// My favorite part about these is that they come up a bit higher around the ankle, keeping them warm.  That is my biggest pet peeve with most slippers is that my ankles are freezing unless I wear socks with them and that just looks stupid.  These are fab, keeping you warm AND stylish.

WUBBY FLEECE SHERPA// This is the other item I have been living in lately.  It is super soft, but also so warm.  It comes in 4 colors and is currently at a great price at Nordstrom and will sell out, so snag it now.

SOFT SHERPA BLANKET// My son is the king of cozy.  When he requested a warm, fuzzy blanket for his bed, he insisted on picking it out himself and felt many a blanket before landing on this one.  It was a huge hit in our house. Since he didn’t like to share his blanket with us,  I have since purchased another one in the King size, so we can all snuggle up under it as a family on movie night.  It covers our entire couch and keeps everyone warm and snuggled. We love it.

ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER// I have been a fan of essential oils for a long time and recently signed up for Young Living Essential oils.  I love them and what they can do for your health and immune system.  Since my younger son has allergies, candles are a no-go in my home, and many of them are toxic anyway, so no big loss there.  I use essential oils all over my house, including in everyones bedroom, to make my house smell good while boosting our immune systems at the same time.  This diffuser is lovely and makes a wonderful gift, along with a set of oils. If you want more info on the oils, just send me an email.

Hope you find this helpful and stay cozy,


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