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BEACH VACATION PACKING LIST - CABO | outfits, ideas, essentials, women, carry on, mexico, family, cabo san lucas

I know, I know, everyone is talking about back to school, but I refuse! There is still plenty of summer left and I plan to enjoy every second of it.So, instead of blogging about Fall outfits and sweaters, I am sharing my beach vacation packing list for our recent trip to Cabo. We had the best time and I miss the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches already. #takemeback.

Anyway, some of you may still be planning a beach vacation and if not, pin this to your Pinterest for your next beach trip. I packed a lot more than what is on this list, but these are the items that came in handy and that I used over and over again.  I hope you find my beach vacation packing list helpful.

We all had an amazing time and it  was everything we had imagined it to be, and more. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure and if you are ever looking for a tropical location vacation, that is not too far away ( I live on the east coast), you should definitely consider a trip to Cabo San Lucas.  I will write a recap post at another time, but today I want to specifically share my beach vacation packing list with you. I talk about what I took with me and what I actually used and wore. But first, let me leave this photo right here for your enjoyment:

BEACH VACATION PACKING LIST - CABO | outfits, ideas, essentials, women, carry on, mexico, family, cabo san lucas

Cabo was a pretty casual affair for us, with the occasional fancy restaurant thrown in. We did a lot of snorkling and spent time on the beach and by the pool, so I ended up not using a lot of the dressier clothes I brought.  Here is what came in super handy:


BEACH VACATION PACKING LIST - CABO | Are you headed to the beach this summer? I am sharing my cabo packing list on the blog, but it is the perfect guide for what to take to any beach trip.  Whether you are headed to Cabo in Mexico, or Rosemary beach, I have got you covered with outfit ideas and beach essentials.

EMBROIDERED DRESS// I have talked about this dress endlessly this summer.  But it is just SO good. It is lined and has pockets. It is the perfect bathing suit coverup and also takes you straight to a nice dinner with some cute wedges or my trustee Miller Sandals.

BEACH BALM// Makeup was pretty non-existent during the trip and I relied on a few essentials the entire time. It felt great, by the way!! I love, love, love this beach balm. It is perfect for the summer and adds just the right touch of moisture and a hint of color to your lips.

CC CREAM WITH SPF50// Of course, I had to pack my trustee ITCosmetics CC Cream. I mixed it with the D-Bronzi below to achieve a nice, beachy glow.

PACKING CUBES// These packing cubes are genius and make getting ready so easy.  I just put complete outfits in the cubes and used the smaller ones for underwear and accessories. Total lifesavers when it comes to staying organized.

FRAGRANCE ROLLER// I love this fragrance in the summer.  It smells just like the beach. I take this travel friendly roller with me everywhere I go.   The hubby loves it! 💕

BRONZING GEL// A new Drunk Elephant product, I was lucky to receive this just before my trip. I mix it with absolutely everything to give me a nice glow. You can also use it sparingly on its own, but a little goes a long way.  A new summer essential for me.

STRAW HAT// I didn’t leave the hotel without this hat.  It came with me everywhere and really saved me a few times, when we were out in the blazing sun without any shade at all. It is smushable and you can throw it in your suitcase and/or beach bag 1000x and it will still look good.


NUDE SANDALS// These nude Miller sandals are another essential.  I take them with me everywhere and wear them with everything.  The nude color makes them ultra versatile. They are a total workhorse and my absolute most worn summer shoe.  They are not cheap, but after 100’s of times of wear, they still look like new, so I would say they are worth every penny.

TASSEL EARRINGS// A cute pair of statement earrings in a neutral color goes with everything. This pair comes in lots of colors to choose from.

EYE PATCHES// I raved about these eye patches before here.  They are the bomb.com and I am addicted.  I toted them in my carry-on and put them on for an hour before we landed and used them many times over after a long beach day. I am completely obsessed with them

BIKINI// I always struggle finding a bikini that accommodates my larger chest (32C) This bikini was cute and flattering, held in my girls and was age appropriate. It comes in 3 amazing colors.  I might get the navy and the white as well, I loved it that much. ( For reference, I am typically a size 0-2 and got an XS in the bottom and a Medium in the top for the coverage. It fit perfectly)

STRAW TOTE// I used this tote as my carry-on and it was perfect for the beach and all of our beach trips.  I also packed this cooler for drinks and lunches. It was completely flat in my suitcase and came in so handy.

SUNSCREEN LIP BALM// We also packed tons of sunscreen of all varieties and used every.last.drop. The sun was very hot and unforgiving. The one product I am loyal to is this lip balm. People always forget to protect their lips and ears and it is so important.  This lip balm is fabulous and comes in a couple of flavors, but I love the mint. My entire family used it the entire trip and it was a lifesaver.

SUNNIES// I didn’t bring any valuables with me, or anything I was attached to personally.  My wedding bands and initial necklace stayed behind and I took these super cute and affordable sunnies with me and wore them every day. If they got lost ,or went over board, no big deal.

TRAVEL STEAMER//This steamer is fabulous.  It steamed everyones fancies for my birthday dinner in a jiffy and you can also use it as an iron. I like this so much better than the hotel irons.


Of course I packed plenty of t-shirts and denim shorts and a few dressy items, but these items were definetely the most used items in my beach vacation packing list.


Are you still going on a trip this summer? Where are you headed? I hope you found this post helpful.


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BEACH VACATION PACKING LIST - CABO | outfits, ideas, essentials, women, carry on, mexico, family, cabo san lucas

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