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http://www.thebeautyblotter.com/2018/03/23/currently-loving-2/Today I want to share with you my weekend getaway to the city packing list. I recently had a mini getaway with the hubby and we had the best time. I am a notorious over packer, but was determined to take the minimal amount of stuff and maximize  my outfit options. I still took way too much for 2 days, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?!  I wanted everything to fit in a small carry-on, as we were taking the train and then Ubering it to the hotel. I am happy to say, I succeeded.  Here is what I packed and a few tips for you to maximize your travel wardrobe.

What I took:


I packed a handful of versatile pieces in a neutral palette that would take me from walking around the city, to museums, lunch and out to dinner.


White Jeans// I packed these and a regular pair of jeans. They are my new favorites. They look polished and are super comfortable.   I talked about them more in this blog post as well.

Blue Jeans// They are the same style as the white jeans.  They are flattering, super stretchy and the price is right. They are also currently on sale here.

Black dress// I adore this dress.  it is another one fo those work horses in my closet.  It can be dressed up or down and I wear it with slides in the summmer and tights and booties in the winter.  It also comes in tons of colors for spring and the price is right.  You will be hard pressed to find a more versatile piece.  Another bonus is, it doesn’t wrinkle at all, so it is perfect for throwing into a suitcase.

Denim Jacket// You have hear me talk about this denim jacket many times.  It is the perfect shade of blue and the fabric is very soft, which makes the jacket less bulky looking and quite flattering. It is another staple in my closet.  It also comes in white, perfect for summer.

Graphic T-Shirt// One cute graphic tee for layering.

Grey sweater//Comfy and cozy during the day. This cashmere sweater is perfect for this time of year and comes in tons of colors. It adds warmth without the bulk and is polished enough to wear out to dinner, with these statement earrings and booties.

Black Lace Cami// I adore this cami.  it is surprisingly versatile and can even be used as a sexy neglige in a pinch.

Black Cardigan// You can’t go wrong with a basic, black cardigan. This works over a tee shirt during the day, or as an added layer over your dress. Also, a super sexy combo with this lace cami for dinner. This v neck cardigan from the loft is perfect! This cami/cardi combo is also is super adorbs paired with the white jeans.


Nude Booties// Perfect for lunch and out to dinner. These will dress up any outfit, from jeans to the dress.

Slip-on Sneakers// In any city, but especially in NYC, you have to be prepared to walk long stretches.  I walked over 5 miles in one day. Make sure you have at least one pair of super comfortable shoes that you can walk in.  I chose my trusty slip on sneakers.  I am not typically a sneaker gal, but these are so versatile and don’t scream sneaker, so they can even take you out to dinner, if needed.  The neutral color goes with everything. In the summer, I might take these instead – super cute and uber comfortable.


Jewelry//  I am a big fan of packing quite a bit of jewelry to accessorize any outfit and change the look and feel. My current favorites are these piece from SognobyT. She is a super talented jewelry designer and friend and  her pieces are perfect for spring and summer.

Cross Body Bag// This is a must to walk around the city. and to go out to dinner at night.  I love this neutral blush colored one.  It works with everything else I brought and is just big enough to hold all of my essentials.

A Pashmina Scarf// I always, always, always pack a scarf when I travel, even in the summer. This one does not take up a lot of room in my tote, but has saved me and my kids so many times. It adds a layer of warmth, serves as a blanket in chilly airplanes, it can be balled up and used as a pillow and also works as a coverup when going out to dinner.

Here are my best tips to maximize space and outfits:

  1. Roll everything. It allows you to maximize the space you are working with and also ensures that everything arrives wrinkle free. It is one of my best tips.
  2. Choose a neutral palette of colors that work together. That way, everything goes with everything and you     can create endless outfit  combinations.
  3. Pick versatile pieces that work in different situations. Everything I chose can be used in multiple ways.(ie.    black pashmina)
  4. Accessorize!!! Jewelry doesn’t take up a lot of space and can really make an outfit.  A pair of stacking bracelets or statement earrings really complete the look and don’t add a lot of bulk to your suitcase.
  5. Bring versatile shoes  I packed 2 pairs. A pair of slip-on sneakers that are uber comfortable for lots of walking, and a pair of neutral booties that will dress up any outfit.


It was a whirlwind of a trip and I had a blast.  I could have easily gotten a weeks worth of outfits out of these items.

What are some of your must-have travel items or travel tips?


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  1. Love this!! I’m a chronic overpacker myself, it gets difficult to pack light (even for a weekend) when traveling in the winter and needing so many layers!!

  2. I first learnt about rolling things back in the early 2000s because Janice suggests it to Chandler when he is “moving” to Yemen. 😂 I’ve been doing it ever since because it really does save a lot of space and it makes the bag not a heavy.

    Great post! x


  3. Great roundup. Rolling up my clothing when I travel is the best way to maximize space and the idea for neutrals is smart so you can pack less items.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it makes perfect sense. Not the funnest way to pack, but definitely the most strategic.

  4. Overpacking just takes time away from activities surrounding the trip, I agree! I love a good capsule, but I like to add just a little color with my neutrals, either through a scarf, tee, or in my jewelry. I also bring a scarf than can double as a vest over a tee in a warm climate. Large square scarves can be fashioned this way. Lately, my two add-ons that I pop into my travel bag are 1) a silk pillowcase to put over the existing pillow and remove each morning before housekeeping and 2) Smartwool no show socks to keep feet warm in the hotel or the guest’s home–wool keeps me warm, but these can also double as thin socks to wear with sneakers or booties, and can be worn longer than cotton socks.

    1. Yes, I always pack wool socks too. My husband calls them my wood cutting socks 😉. The pillowcase is such a good idea.

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