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Currently loving….

I want to share with you some things I am currently loving.  I am thinking about making this a regular monthly feature.  What do you guys think? I definitely have spring on the brain and so there are quite a few warm weather loves in this post. What are some things you have been loving lately?  I would love to know….


Here you go:

1// This underwear is everything! You guys, these are magical. No more wedgies and uncomfortable bunching. So comfortable and light as air, you forget you are wearing them.  They come in tons of cute colors and shapes.  I prefer the briefs. You currently get an extra 20% off with code PRESDAY.

2// How adorable is this straw bag  for spring and summer? It will be my staple bag and it is reasonably priced.

3// I am loving this palette and plan on filming a tutorial on how to use it. However, it is practically foolproof and flatters everyone.  It is great for travel and really cuts down on product, since everything you need is in there.  The quality is outstanding and since you will be using every color in it, the price is worth it to me.

4// These cooling eye masks are a recent discovery and I just LOVE them.  They really de-puff and lift the under eye area.  I use them before an event to prep my eyes and they are also fantastic the morning after, for obvious reasons.

5// This top is another variation on my jeans and tee uniform.  You can read more about that here.  It is so cute and feminine and goes great with my beloved white denim and some shorts in the summer. It is  such a bargain, too.

6// This flu season really has me freaking out.  I am terrified my kids will catch it and I have been doing everything I can to help prevent it and strengthen their immune system.  I have been diffusing this Thieves oil on the daily in my home during the day and in everyone’s bedroom at night.  It is supposed to keep the ickys at bay and kill the bad germs. We all love the way it smells and my kid now requests it at night.

7// I recently had BBL laser done for my rosacea ( I talk about the experience in my Insta stories)  and some sun damage on my face, chest and hands.  Now more than ever, sunscreen is an absolute must.  I have my face covered, (pun intended)  since my beloved CC Cream has an SPF 50 in it.  But, I got this one for my hands and I love it. I will be using it all season long.

8// This sweater is easily the most versatile piece in my wardrobe right now.  It is soft as kittens, comes in 4 colors and is reversible. The v neck in the front makes for a sexy date night option and the v in the back is great for running errands or makes a cute post workout cover up..  Also, the price is super reasonable (and is currently an extra 30% off)  I have the navy and will be getting it in more colors. You will love it, I promise.

9//  Do  you ever regret donating a piece of clothing and wish you hadn’t? I had a pair of these Korkease wedges a few years back and now I am kicking myself for giving them away.  They are so cute and comfy and really make your legs look a mile long.  I will be re purchasing them for this season and will be holding on to them for many years to come.  They truly are a classic.

10// This foundation is not only the best drugstore foundation I have ever used, it is one of THE BEST foundations I have ever used and it rivals some of the pricier ones I have in my arsenal. It makes your skin look even and flawless and glowing. It is amazing! If you are not sure what shade is for you, try findation.com. If you  are oily, this is probably not for you, but I have heard great things about  this matte version as well.  Let me know, if you try it.


These are my 1o things I am currently loving.  I hope you will find something here  you will love as well.


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