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If you know me, you know I am a little nutty about skincare and I am always trying out new products. It is my beauty philosophy that your makeup will only look as good as the canvas it is applied upon. Therefore, good skincare is crucial to looking and feeling your best.  Personally, because I suffer from Rosacea. I am constantly looking for skin care products that are very gently, yet effective at the same time. Fighting the signs of aging while still treating my skin with kid gloves has always been a bit of a compromise, so I was excited when Trufora  offered me an opportunity to try some of their products that promise effective anti-aging results without irritation or harmful ingredients.

I love their mission: ” Beautiful skin without irritation and without compromising your health or social and environmental consciences. Trufora is cruelty-free, vegan certified delivers visible results!”

The 7 product line-up is simple to use and uncomplicated, which is another huge plus, because the simpler it is, the more likely you are to stick to it. 

What struck me immediately was the packaging.  Not only is it beautiful, but very practical as well.  All of the products I tried come in opaque pump containers, which I am always a big fan of and it is something I always look for whenever I purchase skincare of makeup products. Once air and/or light hit a skincare product, it starts to break down almost immediately and looses its effectiveness. Further, sticking your fingers into jars of moisturizer or eye cream time after time introduces germs and is honestly kind of gross, if you think about it. With Trufora, you get fresh and clean product every time and the containers keep the light out. #Love

Intensive Night Treatment

I absolutely loved this product.  It is deeply hydrating and soothing and felt rich and luxurious on my skin.  My rosacea is always at its worst after cleansing, no matter how gentle I am, and just screams for something to calm it down. This product totally delivers the soothing element with its organic shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera  and oat extract, but also  utilizes Riboxyl™, Resistress™ and Kalpariane® for their proven anti-aging benefits. It also contains one of my favorite hydrating powerhouses – hyaluronic acid, in multiple forms for powerful, effective moisturization and overnight skin recovery. Total keeper and I am sure it will become a cold weather staple as well.

Perfecting Eye treatment

The eye treatment also comes in a pump with a metal applicator, which dispenses the product directly into the applicator and can then be applied around the eye are.  The metal tip delivers a cooling and gently way to deliver the product without tugging.

Night Serum and Day Serum 85

Did you know, that 85% of aging is due to the negative effect that environmental factors have on the skin? These two serums help combat these effects.

The Day serum is free of skin irritating silicone and alcohol, but chockfull of the skin loving anti oxidants I am always looking for in a serum – Vitamins C & E as well as peptides and an apple derived moisturizing complex.

The Night serum is also packed with similar ingredients as well as bio-retinols, which help even out your skin tone and diminish those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

As with any skin care product, consistency is key, but after using this line for just over a week, I can say that it does what it promises to do.  I have experienced zero irritation and my skin is happy and healthy and getting its glow on, thanks to the day and night serums. If you are looking for a simple, effective line that delivers, I encourage you to give Trufora a try.

Trufora products are suitable for all skin types & all ethnicities. Dermatologist developed & tested. Clinically proven. Non-comedogenic. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. 100% fragrance free. Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free. Made in the USA.

This post was created in partnership with Trufora and  is available at www.Trufora.com as well as gohsn.co/04KLsm

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