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The Best Drugstore Beauty Dupes

Do you love beauty products but have a limited budget? In this post I share some of my favorites drugstore dupes for the most iconic beauty products around. Click here to find out more. BUDGET BEAUTY | BEST BEAUTY DUPES |BEST DRUGSTORE MAKEUP DUPES | BEST CHEAP MAKEUP | BEAUTY TIPS| BEAUTY MAKEUP | BEST DRUGSTORE BEAUTY DUPES

The Best Drugstore Beauty Dupes

As a makeup artist and beauty expert, I get questions on a daily basis about the best drugstore beauty dupes for some of the more expensive beauty products out there. Today, I will share with you my best drugstore beauty dupes. Over the years, I have scoured the planet and every drugstore chain for the best possible substitutions.  Granted, there are a lot more dupes out there, but for today, I wanted to start with sharing my top dupes for some of the most iconic beauty products. In my opinion, these are just as good as the pricier versions, saving you hundreds and even thousands of $$$.

DiorAddict Lip Balm vs. L’oreal Le Balm

Bloggers and Beauty Experts RAVE about this stuff. I had heard so many things about this Dior Lip Glow, that I decided to take the plunge. I used a $20.00 Nordstrom note, still leaving me to shell out $12.00 of my own hard earned $$ to purchase this stuff.  Yes, it is $32.00 for what is basically a glorified, fancy chap stick.  Is it lovely? Yes. Does it hydrate your lips and leave the most subtle shade of Pink? Yes.  Is it absolutely and completely overpriced? Yes. The absolute deal breaker for me is the hefty price tag.  I found this perfectly lovely alternative. This shade is an almost identical substitute and even the packaging is similar. However, it is almost $30.00 less than its pricey counterpart. I call that a win.

2) La Mer Cream vs. Eucerin Q10 Wrinkle Cream

I love the La Mer moisturizer.  Everything about it is luxurious – the scent, the packaging, the fact that it contains nutrient -rich “miracle broth”…..Celebrities are known to slather their entire bodies in this stuff. The price tag is also celebrity worthy – $310.00 for 2 oz., making the sample I received in my Nordstrom order, probably worth around $20.00 or so.  A friend and client actually turned me on to this budget friendly alternative.  This cream is rich and buttery and every bit as luxurious as its department store counterpart.  It is also completely scent free, making it suitable for the most sensitive and dry skin.  The price is a “miracle” in itself – a mere $9.00 at the drugstore.  The only caveat is that is can be hard to find, so I order it in bulk on Amazon. They actually also have the best price.

3) Rodin Olio Lusso vs. Boots Botanics Organic Face Oil

The Rodin Oil is amazing.  I completely understand how it reached a cult-like following and a little bit goes a very long way, making the $170.00 price tag for 1 oz almost justifiable. ALMOST! ( I always say, spend your money on skin care, good brushes and foundation). However, I stumbled upon this dreamy version at Target.  I couldn’t believe my luck – it is organic, smells like a dream and is a mere $17.99. It has ben a staple in my arsenal for years and I have told lots of grateful clients about it since. You are welcome!

4) Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer vs. NYC Bronzer in “Sunny”

I LOVE bronzer and wear it daily, even in the winter.  However, it must fit certain, non-negotiable criteria.  It needs to be matte and has to have a slightly taupe undertone.  Anything too warm and it will look orange, especially if you are fair like me. I used to tell my clients to splurge on this bronzer.  It was, and still is, perfection.  It is the perfect shade, not too warm, and it has no shimmer in it.  I would justify the $57.00 price tag by explaining that with daily use, it would last about 2 years – not a bad investment.  Then I heard about this product.  It is so cheap, the drugstore doesn’t even devote shelf space to it and sells it on an end cap.  It is $6.99 and almost identical to the Guerlain version.  The packaging leaves much to be desired and is cheap and flimsy, but considering the price difference, I see it as a fair compromise.

5) Touche D’eclat vs. Maybelline Dream Lumi

This product has been called a “facelift in a tube”, or a “magic wand”, and justifiably so.  It somehow manages to illuminate and conceal all at the same time and if strategically placed, gives the illusion of younger, brighter skin.  I love it and will splurge on it occasionally.  However, I get stingy with it and use it only when I have a special occasion.  This is an acceptable substitute for every day.  Is it as good? NO, but for the $40.00 price difference, it is an acceptable alternative.

6) Lancome Definicils vs. L’oreal Voluminous

It absolutely kills me to drop $30.00 or more on a tube of mascara and I highly advise against it.  Granted , there are those few poor souls who will not be swayed and stick to their “pricey” guns and by all means, if it makes you happy, go for it.  Personally, I think mascara is one of those items toss scrimp on, as it needs to be replaced every 2-3 month, making the expensive department store mascara a lot less appealing to me.  There are so many good options out there, but this one is fantastic and a great alternative to L’ancome Definisils. (L’oreal actually owns Lancome so chances are, it comes out of the same factory anyway.) I also really love this drugstore mascara.

That’s all for now, peeps.  If you are interested, I am happy to write another dupes post down the line.  Let me know, your thoughts and questions. Also, most of these dupes are recommendations from friends and clients, so if you have any good drugstore products or dupes, please let us in on your little secret.  We won’t tell, promise.


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8 thoughts on “The Best Drugstore Beauty Dupes

  1. I’ve been wearing Voluminous mascara for 20 years. My sister commented on my lashes and wanted to know what I used. She called me from California on her way to the drugstore to make sure she was getting the right one. It’s awesome!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Most people can use the oil, except for oily skin. Just warm up a few drops in your hands and gently press it into your face. I love it as a pick-me-up if I am feeling dehydrated during the day or as an extra step at night during the cold winter months. The scent is heavenly.

    1. You are welcome! It is the best. it is the only moisturizer that I buy jars of in the winter. I cant live without it.

  2. NYC is no longer in business, I haven’t used Guerlains bronzer since I stopped tanning, but I think it was pretty similar to MACs Golden or maybe it was Give me Sun… also depending which Guerlain Bronzer you liked, Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil works well….(great for fair skin)… and a La Mer dupe I have always loved is actually Nivea Creme. I apply over my actives and sandwich with an oil… its better than the real thing!!!

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