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My Top Spring Beauty Buys



The Irony is not lost on me that I am writing My Top Spring Beauty Buys post during what has been the coldest week of the season yet.  However, spring is a mere 4 days away and  it can’t hurt to be prepared, am I right?! Here are a few products I am loving for the upcoming warmer days ahead and I am hoping that they are right around the corner.

You should be wearing sunscreen all year round (#preach), but spring is a really good time to start again, if you have been naughty. People always ask me the secret to anti-aging and this is it, plain and simple. (If you are wondering, the sunscreen in your foundation or tinted moisturizer is not enough.) A friend recommended this one and I really like it.  It is great under  makeup and Amazon sells it at a good price, but this one ( my old standby)  and this one are also good options and it is easy on the wallet.

Spring always has me craving bright pops of color and this lipgloss is so pretty and feels great on the lips.  I have always been a big fan of Fresh and their lip balms, but my one gripe was that the sticks were so soft and would always break off.  These tubes solve that issue and all the colors are pretty but this one is my favorite.

This is a year round staple in my makeup bag, but I am loving this shade for Spring.  It look great with a little color (this self tanner  is amazing) and gives you a healthy glow.  Just pop it on the apples of your cheeks with this brush and you will look like a glowing goddess. The brush is pricey, but excellent and I always say, take good care of your brushes and they will last a lifetime, so they are a worthwhile investment.

This has been my favorite beauty discovery so far this year so far.  It is truly amazing and makes your feet baby soft again.  One of my biggest struggles has always been keeping my feet soft and my cracked heels at bay.  I was fighting a loosing battle until I found this.  It is a little labor intensive and the whole process takes about 10 days from beginning to end, but it is SO worth it. ( Tip: make sure you take the time to soak your feet for at leas 20 minutes before applying the booties to get the maximum benefit.)  Do it now and you will be ready for all of those cute slides  and wedges this spring.

This fragrance screams warm weather to me.  I discovered it from another blogger who was raving about it and I have been loving it ever since.  It is clean and citrusy, smells just like a gin and tonic (incidentally, one of my favorite cocktails) and is my go to spring/summer fragrance

This is the perfect time to switch out your heavy winter moisturizer for a lighter version.  I have been loving this one for a couple of years now and can’t believe how plump and dewy it makes my skin.  The key ingredient in this product is hyalyronic acid and it has become so popular that Neutrogena has expanded it into an entire line of products, ranging from cleanser to eye cream to lip balm. I am curious to try them all.  Other  lines have since jumped on the “hydra” bandwagon and I see products cropping up everywhere, like here and here .  It is a huge skin care trend for spring and I am loving it. Who doesn’t want dewy and hydrated skin?

Lastly, I am totes in love with these new Micellar Waters from Garnier.  Micellar waters are nothing new and have been around for years but were a fancy, french thing and hard to come by.  We have finally caught up there in the US and many companies are  making them now.  I love this particular brand, as it seems to really do the job of taking all of my makeup off and getting my skin really clean.  Another giant plus, is that they come in these handy wipes which are super easy to pop in your overnight bag, carryon, camping backpack, gym bag, or wherever else your are going.  Before this,  I was a die hard Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes fan, but didn’t love the chemical smell they left behind.  These wipes get my skin squeaky clean and smell like…..nothing at all.

Do you have any products that get you ready for the warmer temps?  I find a lot of my favorite products through other people’s recommendations, so I am always excited when people share. Leave me a comment below with your favorites.  I can’t wait for the season to change and spending more time outdoors and enjoying everything the season has to offer.


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(FYI, this post is not sponsored, but does contain affiliate links, which means if you buy something through clicking on one of my links, I get paid a small commission. Thank you for helping support my blog and making it possible for me to continuously offer you free and fun style and beauty advice. All thoughts and opinions are my own and always will be.)  


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