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Introducing Lab Grab – Patented Silk Technology


If you have been following me for a while, you know that  I have been slowly but surely swapping out some of my beauty and skincare products for cleaner, greener versions. It seems a natural transition, since I try to eat healthily and mostly organic.  I am not obsessing over it, but I try to make better choices wherever possible.

I have known about Silk Therapeutics for a while now and just love their mission: to improve population health by improving how we treat the skin. One of the founders is actually a cancer survivor who has long questioned all of the chemicals that are routinely added to our skincare. The main ingredient in their line of skincare products ( if the name didn’t give it away) is SILK. Interesting, isn’t it? Silk is a magical wonder of nature that is capable of stabilizing the skin as well as other active ingredients around it.  What this means in everyday language is that this little miracle eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, such as synthetic fillers and preservatives, and therefore uses only minimal ingredients. This whole thing doesn’t come cheap, however. (The cost to produce liquid silk is actually higher than gold and platinum.)  Therefore the line is sold at a higher price point, making it unavailable to many people who could absolutely benefit from it.

Enter,  LabGrab™ – a program where the company offers  limited editions of some seriously innovative skincare, that is made and developed in partnership with a community of skincare aficionados.  To further control costs, their focus remained on the actual products rather than costly packaging and advertising. The products are packaged in simple glass bottles and recyclable carton.  Personally, I love the simple and clean packaging. 

I am proud to be in partnership with this company and help them launch this amazing line, which will be available nationwide today. The company represents everything I stand for, which is affordable, high quality clean products that work. I have been using their eye cream and glycolic gel and have been loving the results.  I always preach about using eye cream to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  This one absorbs easily, is unscented and has only 7 ingredients – one of them being caffeine, which helps perk up tired and puffy eyes and has been a long time favorite skincare ingredient of mine.

The peel is a gentle exfoliant which helps brighten the skin and give it a more even tone.  I have been using it twice weekly (at night) and haven’t had any issues with my sensitive skin. It contains mango fruit extract, giving it a fresh, clean scent and has a total of 3 ingredients. That is about as pure and clean as you are going to get.

The eye cream is $58.00 and the glycolic gel sells for $60.00 and you can purchase them and their other amazing and innovative products here:


This post was created in partnership with Silk Therapeutics.








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