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Budget Friendly Spring Wardrobe Additions

I am having major Spring fever.  It is quite possible, that the recent warm temps have urged me to pack away my plaid shirts and most of my boots, and bust out my striped tops and bold pops of color. For the most part,  I would say may wardrobe is pretty basic, consisting of my daily uniform of jeans and a tee or sweater, but I love to spice it up with a twist on the ordinary and a few accessories.  I love mixing in a few new items each season, in addition to shopping my closet to give me tons of new outfit options without breaking the bank.  I have rounded up my favorite, budget friendly, Spring wardrobe additions to share with you.

(FYI, this post is not sponsored, but does contain affiliate links, which means if you buy something through clicking on one of my links, I get paid a small commission. Thank you for helping support my blog and making it possible for me to continuously offer you free and fun style and beauty advice. All thoughts and opinions are my own and always will be.)


I love, love, love wearing dresses all year round.  Simply add a couple of accessories and a cute pair of shoes and you are done.  I call it my instant 3-second outfit.  This dress is even more adorable in person.  It has delicate lace trim around the edges and is so versatile. It also comes in white.  (This is a cute, budget friendlier option.) I plan on wearing this all Spring and Summer long with these cute wedges.

One of my biggest style secrets are these jeans.  They fit like a glove, are super comfortable and cost around $30.00 – a total bargain.  I always get compliments when I wear them and people can’t believe it, when I tell them where they are from. They look just like the pricier $150.00 and up versions. I wear white jeans pretty much all year round, but I always get a fresh pair in the Spring. I always grab a white pair when they first arrive, because they sell out FAST.

I adore stripes in the Spring and Summer and this top is a cute and dressier take on my basic tee-shirt uniform.  You can wear it with white or regular jeans, and shorts when it gets warmer.

I purchased this cuff in the fall, but it will be a constant in my warm weather wardrobe as well.  I always need a little leopard in my life and I love mixing leopard and stripes for an unexpected twist on 2 classics styles.

This is also a great time to splurge on a new bra, as tops are getting more fitted and revealing again.  I gushed about this bra in my 2016 “It” List YouTube video and will continue to sing its praises. It is, simply put, the best bra I have ever owned.  For the warmer months ahead,  I am also adding this strapless version ( great for cold shoulder tops) as well as this one to go under my tank tops.

( Make sure you use this link for $15.00 of your first purchase.)

I can always count on my beloved Target to find cute and fun trend items that won’t break the bank.  Case in point, these adorable earrings and these cute pompom slides.  Both set me back $45.00 combined.  Not bad, right?!

I love wearing v-neck sweaters and this one is a staple in my closet in black and navy.  I like adding basics in an unexpected pop of color to liven things up a bit.  The fuchsia version is perfect for that.

This jacket  goes with everything and is currently only $40.00 Buy it now.  Enough said.

This necklace is another super fun  item from Target’s new Sugar Fix collection. It comes in 2 colors, if mint isn’t your thing. How could I say no?

Lastly, I had been swooning over these wedges at Nordstrom, but couldn’t pull the trigger because of their hefty price tag.  I almost did it, thinking I could justify it by telling myself I would wear them all season long. Then I stumbled upon these.  Close enough and at a fraction of the cost, I purchased them before I could say “total bargain”.  I love it when that happens.

I am excited for the warmer temps to pull out my new additions.  

See you next time,


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